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Arizona Progressive Lobby Day

On February 3rd, progressive minded people from all across Arizona came together to talk with Arizona Legislators about moving forward some progressive agenda items.

This is a difficult thing to do right now in Arizona, because this past election saw Arizona take a jump to the right politically and now with Janet Napolitano moving into the Obama cabinet and leaving Arizona with Republican Jan Brewer as Governor, most progressive ideas are going to be falling on deaf ears.

The progressive partners that came together to try and bring some new ideas to the legislature were

Some of the priority issues for the LGBT community are safety in schools, relationship recognition and responsibilities, hate crimes and employment protections.

250pxTerry Goddard.Image via Wikipedia

Attorney General Terry Goddard gave the keynote address…

And said while he understands how hard it will be to get our items on the legislative agenda and into law, but reminded us of the cornerstone of the new Governor’s inaugural address.

Governor Brewer said that her recovery plan was going to focus on freedom.

AG Goddard said we should cling to that since that is what we were all there for – freedom of choice, freedom from discrimination or freedom to get equal pay.

It’s definitely going to be a long two years for the progressive minded until the next election when we can hopefully bring things more to the left.

However, with groups like these trying to work together and find common ground to increase the number of voices asking for equality there is some hope in Arizona.

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