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Lez Wrap It Up: Dr. Laura, Cambodia, Oprah, and GLAAD

lezwrap-150x1502With so much news and entertainment for the LGBT community each week it can be hard to keep up!

This weekly wrap up post features some of the top LGBT news stories that we saw around the internet as we were covering other features…

Gay Iowa lawmaker receives death threat over marriage equality

State Senator Matt McCoy, the first and only openly gay legislator in Iowa, received a death threat by telephone on Monday, reports the Des Moines Register. Public safety officials said the matter, which McCoy declined to discuss publicly, was reviewed by the Iowa State Patrol at the capitol, then referred to Des Moines police.

Attack at Virginia school investigated

Police are investigating an anti-gay attack on a University of Virginia student and his friend. University officials say five young men attacked the 18-year-old student and his friend while yelling slurs about homosexuals early April 4 in a Scott Stadium parking lot. The attackers smashed the student’s mobile phone while he tried to call for help.

Administration Backtracking on Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates made clear on Thursday that any repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law would have to be undertaken slowly, and suggested that it might not happen at all.

Vatican to investigate US Catholic Sisters for not being “homophobic” enough

Unhappy with the “tenor and doctrinal content of addresses given at annual assemblies,” former San Francisco Archbishop William Levada, now head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), has initiated an investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the largest women’s religious leadership organization in the country.

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick has died

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, whose “Epistemology of the Closet” brought queer studies to academia, has died. (April 12, 2009… our prayers to the family.)

Gillibrand: I Didn’t Flip on Gay Rights

Kirsten Gillibrand’s strong stance in favor of gay marriage today was no “evolution,” she insisted to our edit board. There was a fair amount of reporting on her stance when she Gov. Paterson named her a senator which focused her pushing of civil unions. But Gillibrand said today that the spin was provided by opponents.

Cambodia’s First Lesbian Film – The colorful life in Cambodia

“Who Am I?” Established as the first Lesbian Film in Cambodia, premiered last Saturday at the Cinemalux.

California allows trans people living in other states to amend birth certificates

Trans people with California birth certificates who live in other states can now change their birth certificates to reflect their real gender, a Court of Appeal ruling has decided. Previously, only current California residents could amend their California birth certificates.

Partners of lesbian mothers to get paternity leave

Both women in lesbian couples with children should be given compulsory paternity and maternity leave, under proposals tabled in the European Parliament.

Dr. Laura Says Yes to “Commitment” But No to Equality

onservative radio personality Laura Schlessinger said on Larry King Live on Wednesday that same-sex couples should be in committed relationships, but that they shouldn’t be called marriages.

Westboro visit raises nearly $2,000 for LGBT groups

Regional activists who staged counter-protests and fundraising efforts in response to the Westboro Baptist Church’s visit to the D.C. area are calling their efforts a success.

Oprah defends record of South African school

Oprah Winfrey acknowledged in a newspaper interview published Saturday that she has made several mistakes at her elite South African school, but said she remains proud of its success.

Trial In Lesbian Axe Murder Case Continues

The first-degree murder trial of a young woman charged with killing her lesbian lover’s boyfriend continued on Wednesday, with testimony from the first officers on the scene.

Colorado Gov. Signs Designated Beneficiary Law

Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado on Thursday signed the Designated Beneficiary Agreement Act, which allows unmarried adult couples — including same-sex partners — some of the legal rights afforded to married couples; the legislation delivers expanded rights in areas including inheritance matters, medical decisions, and hospital visitation.

Critics not happy over GLAAD’s award to “As The World Turns”

As the World Turns’ recent win at the GLAAD Awards — its second in as many years — has spurred controversy over whether or not the show deserved to be honored for its storyline involving Luke and Noah.

Barbados looks at LGBT income

THE Institute for Gender and Development of the UWI Cave Hill Campus recently held a seminar at which, Dr. Doris Weichselbaumer of the University of Linz, Austria, presented on the topic “Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation: Economic Studies on Labour Discrimination”.

Alumni give $1M to LGBT center

A living trust of $1 million was made to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center from two SJSU alumni, the first major gift to SJSU’s Division of Student Affairs under which the LGBT resource center operates.

Brothers arrested; victim calls beating ‘gay bashing’

Two Gloucester brothers were arrested yesterday in the beating of a man outside a Gloucester bar Saturday morning, an attack that family and friends are calling a hate crime.

Washington Blade Calls Out Meghan McCain

Political-royalty-turned-blogger Meghan McCain has launched a new campaign to usher gay rights into her hip, young Republican fold—but the gay media is not biting.

Montana to hear custody case

A joint custody case involving a same sex couple comes to Missoula this week, as Montana’s Supreme Court justices hear arguments in the dispute. The case involves two women who lived together for 10-years, during which time one of the women adopted a couple of children. Michelle Kulstad and Barbara Maniaci shared their home for a decade and Maniaci adopted the two children at the heart of the dispute. When their relationship ended, Kulstad sought joint custody of the children.

Esquire Apologizes For ‘Shit-Sniffing Faggot’

Looks like Esquire editor David Granger heard your jaws hit the ground. When readers received the current issue, they were slapped with an article on “How To Be a Man,” which recommended throwing around curse words to show your machismo. This included the phrase “shit-sniffing faggot,” which Esquire advised you use when talking to your neighbor. Advocating homophobia much?

NY lesbian allowed to adopt her biological son

A judge in New York City has granted the adoption petition of a woman whose egg was implanted in her domestic partner and resulted in the birth of a son. Surrogate Court Judge Kristin Booth Glen says she is convinced that the woman, identified only as Mona A., is already the legal parent of the 15-month-old boy. But in her ruling on Friday, April 10, the judge said the adoption will give Mona A. her “full and unassailable” parental rights.

Gay couples say ‘I do’ in symbolic marriages

In a nation where same-sex marriages are not legal, Comrades (gays) and Lalas (lesbians) are trying to find colorful formats to fulfill their wedding fantasies, according to people familiar with their communities. Luke Zhao, coordinator of Beijing LGBT Center and editor of a gay newsletter, said: “We have issued three marriage certificates. In cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou, it’s getting more and more natural for gays and lesbians to hold similar ceremonies.”

Sydney: Room for two LGBT Festivals?

Sydney’s Stonewall Hotel has continued to mark Pride in June each year, but is hoping to get the community at large on board for 2009′s fortieth anniversary of Stonewall. Stonewall Hotel’s Marketing Manager Glenn Hansen says there’s room in Sydney for both an annual Mardi Gras Festival and a Pride Festival.

Wash. OKs transgender hate-crime protection

Attacks against transgender people could be prosecuted as hate crimes under a bill approved last Wednesday by Washington’s Legislature. The state’s hate-crime law says it’s a felony to threaten, damage the property of, or physically injure someone because of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Lupe Ontiveros wants to play gay and break Latina stereotypes

Lupe Ontiveros has been acting regularly in high profile TV shows and movies since 1976. In all of those years, Ontiveros calculates that she’s played a maid 150 times. In an interview with NPR, Ontiveros said that she would love to play a lesbian. I assume this would mean a lesbian who is not a maid.

Trial begins in slaying of transgender woman

Opening statements began Thursday in the trial of Allen Andrade, accused of murdering Justin “Angie” Zapata. Andrade also has been charged with a bias-motivated crime.

Moroccan man kills Spanish ex-husband before committing suicide …

A Spanish man has been stabbed to death by his ex husband who later killed himself, it has been revealed. The Moroccan man, who has not been named, stabbed his 34 year old ex husband on Tuesday on the doorstep of his home in the village of Adra, Almeria. The couple had separated two months ago.

LGBT dorm just one part of TCU students’ action plan

Texas Christian University has made national news twice in as many weeks over a proposal to launch an on-campus housing community for LGBT students and their supporters.

Vin Diesel Blasts Gay Rumors – Gay Wired

Could the hunky star of high-grossing action flicks XXX and The Fast and the Furious be (gasp) gay? Vin Diesel is featured in this month’s issue of Details magazine, and the actor gives us a “now signature coyness about his private life.” The rumors have persisted for years, and it looks like they’ll persist for a few more.

New Jersey Community Could Debate Gay Flag Displays

Residents of Shark River Hills, an unincorporated area in New Jersey’s Neptune Township, may address the question of gay rights flag displays at their annual meeting on April 28.



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