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The L Word Interrogation Tapes

tlw6_key_thumbAre you an L Word fan? Have you been wondering who killed Jenny Schechter in the final episode of the last season?

Since the finale aired the interrogation tapes have been released one by one at the shows website on

The first tape was of Tina Kinard, which you can watch below:

The next interrogation tape is of Shane:

Next is the interrogation of Helena, but you have to watch that one here.

The next interrogation tape released is the interrogation of Nikki Stevens (who was my prime suspect):

Next interrogation tape is the interrogation of Max, but you have to watch that one here.

The next interrogation is Bette:And finally the interrogation of Alice:Word is now that Alice is heading to the slammer, in a new spin-of show. Alice will be convicted of some sort of crime related to the Season Six death of the much-hated Jenny, though Alice claims she is innocent and falsely convicted.

“L Word” creator Ilene Chaiken thinks the subject of Alice’s guilt, should the series get picked up, “could be an open question for a long time.”

After watching the interrogation tapes… who do YOU think killed Jenny?



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