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New Maine Poll: Yes 51% No 47%

5450_109742748525_105762473525_2307856_7278867_n11/02/09- by Julie Phineas As residents in Maine gear up for Election Day tommorrow, a new poll shows those who are in favor of overturning marriage equality in the state are winning by a narrow margin of 51% to 47%.

LGBT activists are in high gear tonight, issuing a “Red Alert” to all who favor marriage equality, asking them to step up participation in the campaign for No on 1 in Maine.

From Jesse Connolly, NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign manager:

I wasn’t going to come to you to ask for money again. We’ve asked so much, and you’ve dug deep and really come through.

Honestly, I wouldn’t take my time away from managing our Get Out The Vote operation to send this email if it wasn’t really important.

But we just heard that Yes on 1 is increasing their TV ad buy by $25,000 today.

$25,000 buys a lot of TV ads in Maine.

With the money we have now, we simply can’t counter their arguments on TV.

You and I have both invested a lot in this campaign. I won’t– I can’t– let them win this because we couldn’t come up with the last $25,000 in the final 36 hours.

We can’t let Yes on 1 win the airtime war with their misleading, and factually inaccurate ads.

We can’t let Yes on 1 lie to Maine voters about schools and teachers and children and same-sex couples in Maine.

We need to stand up and match every one of their lies with an ad of our own, that explains that marriage equality won’t do anything to families but protect all of them.

And I need you to help. Can you come through one last time and give $20 to help us finish this campaign with a win?

Those who are interested in making a donation to the No on 1 campaign for marriage equality in Maine can do so HERE.

You can also find out other ways to help in this last push for marriage equality in Maine by visiting

Julie Phineas Julie Phineas is a work at home mom of 2 who lives in Southern California. You can find out more about her online by visiting her website at

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