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A Plea to Lisa Miller – Time to change the path….

A Plea by Melanie Nathan

I am writing this as a plea to you Lisa, while you stand at this terrifying crossroad. Please do not make this worse for yourself and more importantly for your Isabella; please turn Isabella in to the authorities now, tonight.

It is not too late to make amends and I am sure the sooner you show up, the more lenient the Judge will be. If I were to hedge my bets, I would imagine that a good faith move on your part would do more for your bank than continued resistance to the Court Order. A quick resolution to avoid the enforcement orders could ultimately pave your way to a shared form of custody somewhere down the line. Time and good faith actions will bring healing and doors can open to different and more tolerable paths. You may find peace with Janet and as an experienced mediator in matters such as this, I can assure you there is a chance for custodial sharing in the future, but not unless you show a good faith desire to alter this tragic course.

I am sure that once you comply with the Order there will be time for healing and for forgiveness on both sides. In truth Isabella needs you BOTH, as she did from the day your nightmare began. If you can bring this to a rational path, you may find yourself with an agreed and hence ordered supervised visitation until trust is reestablished, and who knows what healing thereafter. But it is up to you now.

There can be redemption. Do not fight this any longer because if you were the good mom all these folks say you are, I am sure you would rather Isabella spend her visit time with you in a park playing or at Chunky Cheeses, rather than at a Jail house.

You are being used by these Christian groups for their self-serving agendas. The admission of indoctrination may even be your ultimate savior at this precise time – but as days go by there is less and less chance. The latter has nothing to do with your faith and religious beliefs.

Even if you don’t agree with what you term ‘Janet’s lifestyle,’ you made a promise to G-d when you committed that child to your mutual love. You can hold Jesus close to your heart – nowhere in the Bible does it say a lesbian relationship is unacceptable. So your faith will be safe no matter what. But who am I to preach – I am trying to find a way to reach you – your actions now will impact the rest of your life and that of the little child.

I am also urging those who may be helping you to hide or run, to re-think this strategy of defiance or what you term civil disobedience in the Manhattan Declaration. You are all in great danger of legal repercussions. Debbie Thurman – I have noted a somewhat confused or repentant tone on your face book page that supports Lisa Miller. You can extricate yourself by asking her to obey the law. I left this very message for Lisa on her Face-book page.

Without civil law we have no chance for a society where we can in fact practice our respective religions in peace.

I may be naive, but I have seen miracles – the only miracle for Isabella would be to have both her parents in her life and to experience whatever diversity results therefrom.

Melanie Nathan

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6 Responses to A Plea to Lisa Miller – Time to change the path….

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  4. Melanie Nathan

    January 2, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Yes but this is not about the parents in as much as it is about the child. I have no pity for Miller and I think she has caused so much pandomonium in the life of the child that she cannot be a good mother. However, there should be negotiation to bring her in – and that negotiation should be around her punishment for absconding. I was suggesting that is she came in on her on immediately their would be an opportunity to negotiate leniency. Then over the next few years, as the child gets to know the other parent, there can be a healing with the possibility of supervised visitation for Miller. This is the only way that Isabelle’s best interests would be fully served. The child should not have to completely loose her mother. The other thing is that I am sure Jenkins would rather not have little Isabella ‘s suffering continue.

  5. Melanie Nathan

    January 5, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    thanks now have pdf of it…B. Barnes – great detective work

  6. Melanie Nathan

    January 6, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Actually most of us are not radical gay activists – but thanks for the compliment. Radical activists blow things up, threaten to kill judges, shoor doctors at abortion clinics and kill gays as sport. That said, we are merely human beings who have been born LGBT and want equal rights to other humans. We do not want to be fired because of our prefernce for same sex partners, we want to serve in the army, we want the same immigration rights as you and a foreign born spouse, we want to pay fed taxes as a couple when we are a couple. Okay so that said you give me my rights and I wont stick anyithing down your throat, I promise.