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Center for Missing Children: Now Listed As a Missing / Child Jenkins v. Miller


by  Melanie Nathan;     ‘We have been reporting that ex-lesbian Lisa Miller failed to show up to hand over the child to her ex partner, custodial mom, Janet Jenkins as ordered by a Vermont Court Judge.  Miller’s contempt proceeding will be heard in Vermont this week.  If the Judge orders Ms. Miller in contempt, then I guess (this is for you Debbie Thurman) that you prayers worked.    I am sure the Judge does not take kindly to his orders being abused.   Ms. Miller’s game must come to an end. She is using the Court System in a way that is simply unconscionable.

 Is the Liberty Groups, Attorneys for Miller, and Thurman and ex-lesbian groups  receiving Miller’s instruction and where and how? Are they aiding and abetting this commission of contempt? 

 Ms. Miller is trying to pave her way to the Supremes for help – but I personally do not believe there is any landmark to be made from mere religious fervor such as this.

 From LGR we say – Lisa – We urge you to come out of the forest and into the light – bring Isabella to Court this week, so you can hand her over to Janet at Court, instead of going through the contempt proceding.  There is always a chance to make amends and work towards a happier situation.

Case Type: Family Abduction  
DOB: Apr 16, 2002 Sex: Female
Missing Date: Jan 1, 2010 Race: White
Age Now: 7 Height:  4’0″ (122 cm)
Missing City: BEDFORD Weight:  70 lbs (32 kg)
Missing State :  VA Hair Color: Sandy
Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Blue
Case Number: NCMC1138096


By Melanie Nathan,

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