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Judge Judy LGBT – Faux Pas!- In Court!

Judge Judy Sheindlin
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Melanie Nathan:-  1/19/10 =5.00 pm San Francisco :- Judge Judy makes a BIG Lesbian / Gay faux pas– but she probably did not realize it.  I love having TV on in the background while I work. I never watch it though. (okay, okay only Bachelor and the News ok and Desperate Housewives…)  For some reason the erstwhile Judge was really annoying me and as I was about to change the channel when my remote froze – I could not help but hear the remark – and it was made at me?  

Am I over sensitive because of the prop 8 trial;  the disdainful and gut wrenching testimony directed at me –  where as a sister of an entire population am rendered invalid until the possible stroke of another Judge’s pen?   I am begging for recognition.  Now in the Gay Diaspora ,  that is the rest of the world, my safety is shirked as I hear that my life and love ought to be rolled back like an old classic movie on a reel; I keep hearing it ” undo you- undo who you are- you can change your ways–   you don’t count! ”  It is a self possessed mantra that does not leave me any peace.

Oh get out of me and back to my  real TV Judge – The case – Jennifer and Joanne are roommates.  They are not lovers, so that is not where I am going with this. Clearly straight roommates they opened a joint checking account for shared apartment expenses.  They came to Judge Judy’s Court with a related dispute – The Judge roared at them both – “How could you be so stupid, who opens a bank account with someone with who you have no marriage contract?   You open bank accounts with husbands and that’s tough enough said the well meaning Judge.

So here is my piece – Judge Judy what if they were lesbians and had no marriage contract available to them– because the law of the United States prevented them from having such?   Would they still be stupid to open a bank account together?   Without a marriage contract? 

Now I am not looking for an apology, only a little bit of sensitivity …. Notice – to America – We are a minority and the subjects of daily discrimination.  Be it words, be it laws, be it whatever.


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12 Responses to Judge Judy LGBT – Faux Pas!- In Court!

  1. Davidadm

    February 1, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Judge bigot Judy saying: “with husbands and that’s tough enough” also gives us an obvious glimpse into her skathing hatred of men. All too often she will side with the female. Judge Judy has shown to be bigoted, racist, and rather a modern day female version of Archie Bunker. Today I saw her treat a young man that was had by some big fat chick for money. But Judge Judy wouldn’t listen to his testimony but she instead talked over the fella to her guard as she made sarcastic remakes (like she was some high school bully). Then if anyone else tried to talk over the girl, Judge Judy would have none of that. The evidence in this case could have gone in either direction from what I saw, but one thing was obvious. Judy had her mind out that the man was guilty on account he was a man. Though I’ve seen Judge Judy say very cruel, vicious, and rather immature remarks to women that she things is “stupid”. There were several cases in which she had disparaging remarks to young woman who come off as naive or uneducated. In stead of listening to the women’s testimony Judge Judy spent most her time making condescending remarks about how stupid & foolish these girls where being. Even in cases in which the female won judge Judy could be down right vicious to the woman if she thought she was an airhead. Last I checked having a low or average IQ wasn’t a crime, punishable by rude arrogant comments from a sociopathic judge. I feel bad for this young man I see on TV today that hasn’t had a fair trial but rather a verbally abusive beating by someone who should be judging people based on evidence (after all Justice is Blind). Instead every time he tried to talk she would talk over him with rude comments like some power drunk heckler. It’s people like her that sets the women’s movement way back on its ass. I’m not saying all women judges are like Judge Bigot Judy but she is certainly making women look bad.

  2. yabbadabbado

    February 2, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    U should not even have an opinion bout society ppl point the finger at whoever says nething about something that was not even directed to them .so what f ur gay did she say ur name .no. she didnt .if u dont like it take her to court write to her tell her bout it. Even though u have every rite to sqy what u want on the net.ur just a STUPID the words of judge judy. Ha ha got ya.  :-)

    • Davidadm

      February 1, 2012 at 4:40 pm

      Saying “got ya” isn’t something a judge should be saying. For one thing it’s immature. Also yabbadabbado you need to use grammar check.

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  5. Melanie Nathan

    January 20, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    Okay Queerty – What a makes you think anyone is fighting? Quite the contrary – I am embracing and educating – They were NOT lesbians that was NOT the point . Did you read beyond the first line? mel

  6. Melanie Nathan

    January 20, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    I appreciate the comments about Judge Judy being pro gay. I do not know her politics at all- nor about how she feels. That said, that was not the point of the post -and regardless of her affinities – she did no wrong! allow me to explain-
    1. The women WERE NOT LOVERS – and it does not matter if they were or not to the POST. 2. The comment is what matters – because it is indicative of an unconscious sense that we are all treated the same – that we all have an opportunity to enter into the contract of which the Judge spoke. 3. Note I said “she did not know ” that she was making a faux pas.” In fact if you look up the meaning of Faux pas, it was NOt a faux pas… however it was an unconscious reflection that there is an entire community without rights.

    4. I do not expect a sudden overnight hetero-awareness – but as an activist I will seek any opportunity to draw you to our site to tell you WE ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINAT.

  7. queerunity

    January 20, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Judge Judy has been outspoken on marriage equality and if the ladies didn’t identify themselves as lovers but rather as roommates I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. Is it a bit heteronormative, yes but that’s unfortunately where society is but we need to fight our enemies not our allies.

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  9. Crancrab1

    January 20, 2010 at 8:32 am

    As far as I know Judge Judy is pro-gay on all issues so why call her out like this??? She has said nothing but kind things about gays/lesbians in the media and on shows such as Larry King Live. She’s more than compassionate towards gay people on her show. I’m gay myself so I know this for a fact. If I were her, I certainly wouldn’t want a whiny deprecatory page like this to be my reward for saying only kind things about homosexuals in the media.

  10. Linda Gray

    January 20, 2010 at 2:05 am

    I recognize you. And I support you.

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