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Let The Ugandan Boycotts Begin…

  Melanie Nathan Reporting: January 25 , 2010 – by Melanie Nathan. The people in Uganda to cntact and target is the UEPB, a public trade promotion organization which operates under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry in Uganda was established by Parliamentary Statute. The Board  consists of the very politicians who will be deciding that being gay or lesbian in Uganda is a crime; which will carry a 20 year sentence.  UEPB has a 12-member Board of Directors half of who including the Chairman are from the private sector. The Board is constituted as follows: - 
Picture : Hon. Henry Bagiire, the State Minister for Agriculture

a)Chairman-Private Sector
b) one representative of Uganda Manufacturers Association-Private Sector
c) one representative from Uganda National Chamber of Commerce-Private Sector
d) one representative of Uganda National Farmers’ Association- Private Sector
e/f) two representatives of Exporters Associations- Private Sector
g) one representative of Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry- Public Sector
h) one representative of Ministry of Finance.- Public Sector
i) one representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Public Sector
j) one representative of Ministry of Agriculture- Public Sector
e) one representative of Uganda Investment Authority- Public Sector
f) the Executive Director, Uganda Export Promotion Board – Public Sector

UEPB carries out its mandateto facilitate the development, diversification, promotion and co-ordination of all export related activities that lead to export growth on a sustainable basis, ” be sure to inform Ugandans  that we will isolate them from the rest of the World if they fail to completely withdraw the Gay Kill Bill. You can see  their government is intricately connected to their trade, and so we must hit where it counts.

    UEPB: Exporters First Stop Center

While Arabica was introduced at the beginning of the 1900′s, Robusta coffee is indigenous to the country, and has been a part of Ugandan life for centuries. The variety of wild Robustacoffee still growing today in Uganda’s rain forests are thought to be some of the rarest examples of naturally occurring coffee trees anywhere in the world. The coffee trees are inter cropped with traditional food crops and grown in the shade of banana trees and other shade trees. In these self-sustaining conditions, coffee is left to grow naturally, flowering on average twice a year.

Uganda has the unfortunate circumstance of being landlocked, and needing good relations with its neighbors to move its coffee crop to a port city. Transportation bottlenecks can result in containers of full of steaming coffee beans stuck on the back of a truck or a dock somewhere …not good for quality! But in recent years the problems of unstable East African politics and weak infrastructure seem to be improving, judging from the excellent quality coffee coming from the Northern Bugisu region along the Kenya border. Good marks are the Mbale Bugisu Coffee Factory and the Budadiri Coffee Factory -names of the mills where the coffee are prepared. Good Ugandan coffees are both unique among East African coffees and of intense character. Germany has been a strong buyer of Ugandas arabica crop but two years ago the outrageous Java prices resulted in numerous containers appearing in the US as a Java substitute.

Coffees from politically unstable regions, especially East Africa and the 10-year civil war in Uganda, bring up ethical issues. But the plain fact is this: coffee is a cash crop. It is grown by 300,000 small-holder farmers in Uganda. It is 95% of the Ugandan exports and 2,800,000 people rely on it for a living! Most production is Robusta, and the prices they get are low. Arabica farming is more work, but the rewards are greater! Quality in coffee is a way to break pay farmers better. Here you have the opportunity to buy the best of Ugandan coffee… “

 Dear Ugandan Exporter ,  

We treat all Ugandans as one!  Until you work as a community to rid yourselves of the pre-genocide attacks on the LGBT community in your country of 32 Million people, we plan to boycott your trade. we will not do any of the following: 

Attend your buyer seller meets   regardless of where; attend in-bound and out-bound trade missions; participate in contact promotion programmes; support you in participation of Ugandan exporters in relevant local, regional and international trade fairs and exhibitions; utilize your expert industry counselling;  and forget those presentations at international export promotion workshops, seminars and conferences cause we wont be there! and most of all WE WILL NOT BUY YOUR COFFEE -

We at Lezgetreal support the gays and homosexuals and lesbians in Uganda; it is not a crime to be a homosexual or lesbian in our world, but we are not welcome to yours.  (LGBTQI) Your attempts to criminalize homosexualitydefies all understanding, as it is clear that it emanates from nowhere other than biblical teaching of the likes of sickos like Scott Livelly, et al.  If you choose to be a Church State, then make that announcement openly and give people who do not believe in what your State stands for, an opportunity to leave Uganda, before you criminalize them. 

That said, without much ado, we will not tolerate this kind of persecution from any country.  We are going to boycott your country.  You economy has grown and you are improving your poverty. I hope you do not choose to force your Country into poverty yet again.  You must get rid of the hate Gay Bill.  Completely.  Regardless we are starting the boycotts immediately. 

If you enact this law, then many people from foreign countries dare not come to Ugandan, for example what if a political trade envoy is gay?   If he comes to your land, he is a criminal.  Why would any corporation want to support your country.  You are asking to be kicked out of the World economy and we are ready to oblige. So here goes America…. Write to the following Companies and tell them what we plan to do. This will go viral and millions of people will see this as well as the US Congress.

In Solidarity,

So  my dear queer community lets start the ball rolling. The Ugandan people need letters from you – here is a start – be polite please do not put yourself in a bad light and tell them why its not okay to criminalize gays. Tell then your story and about your life.  Lets see if with a nice letter and a big fat boycott if we can change the hearts and minds of Ugandans . remember they have been told we are the devil.

Also another Article written by Melanie Nathan on the impending  Million Person March In Uganda scheduled for Feb 17th, 2010;

1 . Kawacom (U) Ltd
    m284 Ntinda
    P. O. Box 22623 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: + 256 31 260201

2  Olam Uganda Ltd
    7/9/ Mapera Rd Nalukolongo, Kampala
    P.O. Box 23436 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: + 256 41 271440/271418

3. Ibero (U) Ltd
    44/50 7th Street, Kampala
    P.O. Box 23139 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: +256 41 342621/31 261464

4. Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd
    1/2/3 5th Street, Kampala
    P.O.Box 3181 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: + 256 41 344021/251447


5. Mbale Importers and Exporters Ltd
    27/29 Pamba Rd, Mbale
    P.O Box 264 Mbale, Uganda
    Tel: +256 75 725400


6. Pan Afric Impex (U) Ltd
    62 Bombo Rd, Kawempe, Kampala
    P. O. Box 7257 Kampala
    Tel:  + 256 41 567847


7. Kamapala Domestic store Ltd
    9 3rd Street, Kampala
    P.O. Box 30532 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: +256 41 235597

8. Great Lakes Coffee Company Ltd
    M289 Ntinda, Kampala
    P.O.Box 27198 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: +256 41 286961

9. Ugacof Ltd
    246 Bweyogerere, Kampala  
    P.O Box 7355 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: + 256 41 286290/286288

10. Sitanida Agencies Ltd
      14 william street, Kirumira Towers, Kampala
       P.O. Box 27544 Kampala, Uganda
       Tel: + 256 41 255913  


11.Wabulungu Mult-purpose Estates
    508 Bombo Rd, Kawempe, Kampala
    P.O. Box 27544 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: +256 41 254485

12. MTL Main Traders Ltd
      46 Palisa Rd, Mbale
      P.O. Box 6217 Mbale
      Tel: +256 45 36377/41 256426

13. Job Coffee Ltd
     103 3rd Street, Kampala
      P.O. Box 4152 Kampala Uganda
      Tel: + 256 41 255914

14. Union Export Services Ltd
      103 3rd Street Kampala
      P.O. Box 7455 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: + 256 41 258778

15. Bakwanye Trading Co. Ltd
      13/15 3rd Street, Kasese
      P.O. Box 240 Kasese, Uganda
      Tel: 256 483 44068/44007

16. Gumutindo Coffee Coop Enterprise Ltd
      46 Palisa Rd, Mbale
      P.O. Box 283 Mbale, Uganda
     Tel: +256 45 34415/772 927942

17. Simba Cafe East African Ltd
      M466 Ntinda, Kampala
      P.O. Box 26926 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +41 285866

18. Lakeland Holdings Ltd
      9 3rd Street, Kamapala
      P.O. Box 29129 Kamapala, Uganda
      Tel: 256 41 345120

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10 Responses to Let The Ugandan Boycotts Begin…

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  5. Spartan

    January 25, 2010 at 3:35 am

    No amount of intimidation will force us to accept that vice. Please go ahead and boycott our coffee. No sane Ugandan would sell to a homo anyway. I’ve never seen a homo in my life and God willing, I don’t intend to come within two meters of one. Keep away you low, creeping, vile embarrassment to nature.

    Long live Uganda

    • Melanie Nathan

      January 27, 2010 at 1:19 am

      Spartan – You are selling to Homos my friend whether you like it or not. There are NO SANE Ugandans if they allow this highly alienating prejudicial law to stand in flagrant disregard for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Even UN Chief has called for scrapping of your Hate Gay Kill the Gays Bill. What kind of barbarians would enact a law that makes criminals of people causing no harm at all to anyone? The spawn of Idi Amin? Studies show that people whi are spewing hate like you are terrified of gay people because they doubt their own sexuality. The only reason you wont go near a gay person is you are afraid…… of yourself….

    • Timo Denters

      January 27, 2011 at 7:22 am

      Lol Spartan, Uganda is one of the poorest and God forsaken countries in the world. The only reason it is still alive is because the whites showed you mercy.

      All of Africa is an embarrassment to humanity.

    • Hate=Stupidity

      February 1, 2011 at 7:14 am

      Spartan – I try to explain this to you, hoping the little brain understands… It is not the homos only who are starting to find out what comes from Uganda and will avoid to buy it any longer, but all people, straights, men, women. Everybody in the civilized world finds it hideous to promote and do what is happening in your (mentally) underdeveloped country. It is not gay contra straight. It’s humanity and knowledge contra bigotry, hate and stupidity! The next will be to stop all development aid. You might find some answers in the bible then, who knows.

    • Anthony

      February 7, 2012 at 7:24 am

      The only embarassement is you and your “people” to mankind. Uganda is a shit hole of epic proportions and it will remain that way along with the rest of Africa! Have a great time in your own shit> You deserve what you have created!

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