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AFA’s Bryan Fischer Wants Homosexuality Recriminalized And Tries To Advocate Mandatory Therapy

02/05/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association went on Alan Colmes’ radio show to try and explain his views on how homosexuality should be criminal and tries desperately to get Alan Colmes to provide the answers to what Colmes asks him. Fischer tried desperately to equate homosexuality with intravenous drug use while continuously evading actually answering Colmes’ questions and not actually giving a reason why he believes that homosexuality is like drug abuse. He did, however, make it clear that he wanted to put gays and lesbians into reparative therapy in order to force them to be straight. Of course, this flies in the face of all established psychological information which finds that the vast majority of people who go through reparative therapy are still homosexual on the other side of the therapy, and that the therapy tends to do more damage to the person’s psyche. It also goes against a statement made on MSNBC by Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council regarding the fact that homosexuality is innate to the person. Of course, Sprigg also thinks that homosexuality is not the problem, just the behavior. It creates a contradiction in theories.

Fischer went on to list a bunch of controversies on the web which could be quickly fixed if homosexuality was relegated to being a crime again.

Think for a moment of the current social controversies that could potentially be avoided if homosexual conduct was still against the law.

Gays in the military: problem solved. We shouldn’t make a place for habitual felons in the armed forces. End of discussion, end of controversy. If someone objects, ask them which other felonies the military ought to overlook in screening recruits.

Gay marriage: problem solved. We should never legalize unions between any two people when the union is forged specifically to engage in felony behavior. Would we sanction, for instance, the formation of a corporation whose stated purpose was to import illegal drugs?

Gay indoctrination in the schools: problem solved. We don’t want to raise a generation of schoolchildren to believe that felony behavior is perfectly appropriate. That’s why we spend so much money warning students about the danger of drugs.

Hate crimes laws: problem solved. We wouldn’t throw a pastor in jail for saying that illegal behavior is not only illegal but also immoral. For instance, he’s free to say that murder is not only contrary to man’s law but also to God’s law. End of the threat to freedom of religion and speech.

Special rights for homosexuals in the workplace: problem solved. No employer should be forced to hire admitted felons to work for him. End of the threat to freedom of religion and freedom of association in the marketplace.

Of course, these controversies could be easily dealt with by passing laws which grant gays and lesbians the same rights as every other American. However, Fischer is not after that. What he wants is to impose Christian Theocratic Law upon society. What is worse, it is not even a universally accepted form of Christianity. Many Christians today accept that homosexuality is innate and genetic and support LGBT Americans and their rights. What is more, from what is heard on the clip, Fischer’s version of the Bible is not even one of the more accurate translations, but is, instead, based upon more recent “translations” which often involved putting the Bible into a form that supposedly reflected a more accurate understanding, but often used words which distorted the original meanings of ancient words. For instance, the Bible does not have the word “homosexual” in it. That word is modern in its origin.

The American Psychological Association has proven repeatedly that reparative or rehabilitative therapy is not only ineffective, but can be incredibly detrimental to the person. Often times, people who back such therapy cannot provide long term data regarding their success. This is largely because those few people who do change sexuality successfully were likely not homosexual to begin with. Many of those end up changing their sexuality through regular non-reparative therapy as many of those involve other psychological issues. Some are sexual abuse survivors.

In the interview, Fischer tried to back peddle repeatedly. At one time he stated that homosexuals were to be equated with murderers and slave owners. Instead of answering that charge, he tried hard make an analogy between homosexuality and drug abuse. When Colmes tried to hold his feet to the fire, Fischer tried to make Colmes answer his own question. It seemed as if Fischer was well aware of what he sounded like and did not want to come off like MP David Bahati of Uganda calling for the execution and imprisonment of gays and lesbians, and yet, he missed Alan Colmes’ point. In the end, it is one small step from calling for people to under go therapy that doesn’t work to imprisoning them and then executing them.

Fischer was one of the vocal people pushing to bar all Muslims from serving within the military. “As soon as Muslims give us a foolproof way to identify their jihadis from their moderates, we’ll go back to allowing them to serve.” One would have to wonder if the same can be done for Christians. Back when Major Nadal Hasan went on his rampage at Fort Hood, LGR ran a piece about the problems of ramping up the anti-Muslim rhetoric, and that it was often coming the same people attacking all Muslims were often the same people attacking the LGBT Community.

The video of the interview can be found here.

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