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Conservative LGBT Group GOProud To Address Technology Issues At CPAC

02/10/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
People often believe that LGBT Rights is a Left issue. In many ways, it is not. It is an issue which crosses the political divide even though it is most often taken up by Democrats. The Conservative LGBT Rights group GOProud will be allowed to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference on 20 February. While GOPround had been a sponsor of the conference, they were not allowed to speak in any capacity due to pressure from Religious groups who were planning to be at the conference. GOProud will be allowed to speak at CPAC, though they will be addressing how they use technology to spread their message instead of discussing LGBT Rights. It is a small step in the right direction. GOProud’s executive director Jimmy LaSalvia, when asked as to why his group was not addressing social or LGBT issues, stated “Frankly, there really aren’t any [panels]. If you look at the overall program, there is a lot of discussion about economics and national security, as it should be,” LaSalvia said. “That’s what most of the country is focused on and that’s what most conservatives are focused on.” There is one panel on social issues, but it does not seem to be about specific social issues.

The move to allow GOProud to co-sponsor CPAC has caused some problems with Social and Religious conservative groups such as Liberty University Law School, which withdrew its sponsorship from CPAC over GOProud’s involvement. The compromise was that GOProud was to help sponsor the conference, but not speak. Many groups like Liberty University chose not to support CPAC anyway.

Recent polling on the subject of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell shows movement towards supporting the repeal from within the Republican Party and among Conservatives. Many Conservatives support LGBT rights, and often they feel pushed to either support the Democrats and betray their fiscal views, or support the Republicans and betray their social views. Many gays and lesbians are, in fact, caught in that quandary. Many gays, lesbians and transpeople are fiscally conservative in their views, but socially liberal and seeking equal rights.

A recent discussion on one of LGR’s articles resulted in one Conservative ally bringing his disapproval of the ban on GOProud speaking at CPAC to their attention. He may not have been the only one. Here is the letter, which Mr. Millenacker wrote to them and submitted a copy of on this site. While many in the LGBT Community are often hostile to our allies as well as our brothers and sisters on the Right, bridging the political divide is likely the best way in which to bring about equal rights for LGBT Americans.

“I am a conservative who shares your objectives on economic, tax, budget, national defense, foreign and most other public policies. I am contacting you regarding the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference.
I would like to express my whole hearted approval of the CPAC decision to welcome the participation of GOProud as a sponsor of the conference. That decision is entirely in keeping with the best conservative ideals of strict constitutional construction, individual liberty, personal autonomy, freedom of conscience, and freedom to live lawfully as one chooses without the necessity of permission from the government or any third party.

In my opinion the American people are desperate for a new political reality based on tolerant conservatism. Our country is in crisis so deep that it can only be saved by unity. However, without tolerance, unity will not be possible. I congratulate CPAC for making room in the Big Tent for GOProud and our brothers and sisters in the LGBT communities.

However, I am informed that GOProud will not be permitted to speak at the conference. Is this true? If so, that decision is profoundly misguided in my opinion. If we want solidarity with conservative lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals and groups we must express solidarity with them. I urge you to permit GOProud representatives to address the conference.

Mark A. Millenacker

To Mark, thank you for your support, and thank you for your letter.

Gay group to speak at CPAC on technology issues

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14 Responses to Conservative LGBT Group GOProud To Address Technology Issues At CPAC

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  2. Lesbian Conservative

    February 18, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Hooray for ThatGayConservative! His comments are right on target.

    As a conservative lesbian I can personally attest to the outrageous crapola that we conservative lesbians and gays have to put up with from our supposedly so very tolerant and all compassionate liberal brothers and sisters. Groups like GoProud deserve the community’s gratitude and respect–they’re working in the trenches and making a real difference.

    Our voices will indeed be heard. This is our community too and we’re here to stay.

    • Sei

      February 19, 2010 at 6:44 am

      Actually, his comments were not ‘right on target’. ThatGayConservative came onto our site and attacked me and my fellow writers without bothering to check the rest of the site. A lot of us are not Conservatives, but we are hardly Radical Leftists either. Instead, he assumed that I, and my fellow writers, are Leftists because we do not agree specifically with his politics. Trust me, if I really WAS Leftist, I would not be cheering on GOProud. I’ve MET the Liberals out there in our community and they hate GOPround with such vitriol that it isn’t funny.

      What I said in the article was true. GOProud was not suppose to speak in any manner. That they are is wonderful. I can disagree with your politics, Lesbian Conservative, but not when it comes to our rights. I support GOProud’s efforts to bring the message of equality and LGBT rights into the Conservative camp. I fully support having Liberal and Conservative voices. I often use both Liberal and Conservative arguments to try and get our message through to the most numbers of people. I’m a Centrist, not a Conservative and not a Liberal on all issues save when it comes to our rights.

      So, no, ThatGayConservative’s comments were not ‘right on target.’

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  4. ThatGayConservative

    February 14, 2010 at 1:53 am

    Hey! Found this post through a Google alert. GOProud was never prevented from speaking. According to LaSalvia and Treasurer Bruce Carrol, GOProud didn’t seek an opportunity to speak at the event. The whole idea that they were prevented from doing so was a contrivance from the liberal blogs who aren’t known for their honesty in the first place.

    “He loves me, really, he just hits me because he wants me to be a better person”

    The reality, recreational, is that gay Conservatives are “hit” by the allegedly tolerant liberal left. If you really want an example of your little quote there, how about the dems passing DOMA and DADT and still taking your money and your votes? How about the fact that they never really do anything about either, but throw you a bone now and then so you keep coughing up the cash and they can still tell you how much they love you? You’ll tolerate liberal pol’s homophobic comments and a POTUS hanging around with homophobic bigots, but you save your anger for gays who chose not to stick around the liberal plantation for hand outs and pats on the head.

    Many of us attend local and state Republican confabs and nobody cares that we’re gay. Dan over at GayPatriot attended the 2008 RNC, with press credentials, to blog from the event. Any “Kill the Gays” nonsense is a fabrication of ignorant liberals building on their own bigoted fantasy they’ve been taught about Republicans.

    Long story short, the hatred, bigotry, intolerance and homophobia resides with the same party that fought tooth and nail for slavery, secession and segregation.

    • Sei

      February 14, 2010 at 4:45 pm


      Try reading this site a lot more and find out that we do not tolerate Democrats and Liberals being homophobic or being strongly supportive of homophobia. The next thing is, you might want to try rereading what the hell I WROTE before you mouth off. Perhaps you do not quite grasp that this piece IS based upon information given to us in various forms, AND a hell of a lot more tolerant and supportive of GOProud than most CPAC groups like Liberty University, OR most LGBT groups sites either. We bloody well accept our Conservative gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender/transsexual brothers and sisters while places like Liberty University want to brand a number on our foreheads and shove us into institutions until we can be “cured”.

      Incidentally, shiesskopf, the Republican Party in the 1960′s was hardly very supportive of African-American rights, and the Republican Party in 1860 was hardly all that supportive of their rights either. The majority of Republicans were of the belief that they should round up every single black face in the country and ship them off to Africa. This idea did, in fact, lead to the foundation of a nation today known as Liberia. While that idea never came to fruition fully, it was something that was there. You MIGHT want to learn you eff’n’ history before you come on this site and bloody well start something. I do not have the patience to deal with your LIES and DISTORTIONS.

      If you have not figured this out- no, wait you HAVE not figured this out- this blog is very open to Conservatives so long as they support LGBT/Queer Rights. I may be a Moderate politically, but let me be clear- I can disagree with my Conservative brothers and sisters over policies like finance, war, and the rest, but I will stand with them for their right to speak. Maybe next time you could take more than a few seconds to read what I wrote. I find that your distortions of history and your lack of decision to find out just how much we have hit the Liberals as well as the Conservatives shows me and my colleagues a great deal of disrespect.

      And, if you find my tone a bit stern, I do apologize, but I really do not have the patience to be nice to you. I am currently at my college residency. It is a stressful time for me and taking time from my relaxation to deal with a comment like yours which is full of distortions, misrepresentations and lack of research into what my colleagues and I stand for tries my patience.

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  11. GOProudSaps

    February 10, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    The Republican conference will take gay money but not hear gay issues. What a modern day taxation without representation.

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