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BREAKING: Lt. Choi Apparently Plans To Chain Self To White House Fence To Protest Don’t Ask Law

03/18/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
An unnamed source has given LGR a heads up that Lt. Dan Choi apparently plans to chain himself to the White House fence in an attempt to pressure President Barack Obama into issuing an executive order ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Apparently, Lt. Choi plans on doing this again and again until DADT is repealed by President Obama. The aim of this stunt is to gather enough support, perhaps thousands of people, in order to put pressure on the Obama Administration. Currently, the House and Senate are working on the Military Readiness Enhancement Act which, by years end, will likely repeal DADT entirely.

Yesterday, Republican Representative Ahn Cao signed up to cosponsor the MREA bill. It is likely that the bill will be folded into the Defense Bill which would be voted on no later than October. Doing this would make it nigh on impossible to block with a filibuster in the Senate.

Unfortunately, problems arose yesterday with comments made by Kathy Griffin regarding House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

According to this source, who is close to Lt. Choi, a number of people tried to talk him out of his plan. With the repeal underway and the study going full throttle, it is a delicate time in the repeal of DADT. This means that anything that could be seen as being problematic or aggrandizing or taking this issue less than seriously could bolster the position of those in opposition to the MREA and make passage that much more difficult.

The Human Rights Campaign is holding a rally at noon today in Washington, DC after the Senate Armed Services Committee holds another hearing into repeal.

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