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Carly Fiorina Chutzpah

The height of chutzpah is when you never turn out for a vote and then expect others to turn out to vote for you!

Melanie Nathan. San Francisco, Marin County.    In  all  California news tonight  is the horrific suggestion that Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer are running close to a tie, even though we  are still waiting for the primary elections.

People who don’t vote don’t care! Carly Fiorina has not voted since 2000.  Now she is running for California ‘s  US Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer and suddenly she cares?   Makes no sense to me.

Fiorina’s talking point is clear – she repeatedly refers to Senator Boxer as a ‘career politician’ in snickering parlance  as if she were spewing “career criminal.”

As the interviewer challenges her repetitive reference, he reminds her that she has endorsed other ‘career politicians’ such as McCain, and others.  She side skirts the question with the poise of the most experienced of politicians in technique that belies her insistence of an “outsider” image.

What makes Fiorina think that it is not okay to be a career politician?  I think it’s a wonderful career, to be a politician.   I embrace the term.  I think many great Americans have aspired to such and earned the title.

For long now the right wing handlers, in whose palms Ms. Fiorina is clearly in mould, have tried to hijack benign phrases, that if said with a specific facial twitch and a snide wink-wink, would have a  voter for a fool!

But no hoodwinking here  Ms. Fiorina.  Nah, not in California or in lezgetreal land; we ware going to have your hide – you are already slipping up and we can see right through you.

For someone who failed to vote, to suddenly cares? The height of chutzpah, imagine if we all chose not to vote. We would live in an autocracy. Fiorina you have failed in your  duty to vote- you have failed America and now you want to be a Senator.   You  want to take the Senate seat of someone who has dedicated her life to public service while you screwed others out of millions?

Do we want another money hungry power seeker in D.C.  Quite frankly I would rather have a career politician, who is there for the right reasons, to be a career politician!

Carly says she never voted because she thought her vote did not count.  Okay don’t BS me…  what person can claim intelligence when making such a stupid excuse.   Of course your VOTE counts Carly – just like mine and the 40 million others….. and those that do not vote – simply do not care.

Okay now that the rant is done here is why we should all help to defeat Carly Fiorina before she gets a leg in and then any of the republicans in the primary.

Carly Fiorina is ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE -

Reasons to fight to keep Barbara Boxer – she is one of he most pro gay legislators in Senate– co-sponsor for UAFA, and also for repeal of DOMA, She is pro DADT Repeal, Pro ENDA, and in light of this we must help in the fight to keep her in the Senate.  Truly we cannot afford to loose her. She is our friend.

Please visit her campaign and see if you can be of any help via donations or volunteering.

By  Melanie Nathan.

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