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Pope Benedict Should Do The Right Thing And Resign So Healing Can Begin

03/25/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
The Vatican is hitting hard against the accusations that Pope Benedict covered up for pedophile priest Father Patrick Murphy in Wisconsin. That is quite possibly true. After all, Pope Benedict did not order the suspension of the trial that would have defrocked Murphy, as far as we know, but it is quite possible that Pope Benedict is guilty of something far worse in some ways- criminal negligence. That is, Pope Benedict simply was derelict in his duty to pursue and remove priests who violated the sanctity and laws of the Church. Indeed, it appears that rather than pursuing wrong doers, Pope Benedict had and has pursued other groups in order to try and force them into line with doctrine such as the nuns in America who have chosen to not wear the mourning garb of the 14th century.

Perhaps Pope Benedict was too busy trying to find witches and heretics, and that prevented him from protecting those most vulnerable and trusting of individuals.

A cover up does not need to happen in all cases for criminal actions to be ignored. Instead, all it takes is someone doing nothing in order for evil acts to happen. Of course, the fact that this happens and happened without reprisal from the Church and without then Cardinal Ratzinger doing anything to stop it from happening simply compounds the problem. Bishop Weakland had proof that Father Murphy was neither repentant nor remorseful for his actions. That Father Murphy molested and molested without seeking help or being punished shows that there has always been something wrong with the Church.

While the Vatican may feel that only an unreasonable person would believe that there was some grand conspiracy to cover up these crimes, it is perhaps more appropriate to say that only a gullible person would not think that there was at the very least a mentality within the Catholic Church that stated protection of the Church was more important than the ruined lives of children. After all, is not a little suffering good for the soul?

Father Murphy was never stopped. Instead, he was moved from one vulnerable population to another. He was moved from a school for the deaf to a juvenile detention center and other places where children were easily accessed. Rather than being moved into a position where he would have no access to children, Father Murphy was given all the children he could- in the end some two hundred boys were molested by him.

Pope Benedict cannot be impeached. He cannot be removed by anyone short of God moving up the appointed date whereby he leaves this Earth. The only other being who can remove Benedict from office is himself. Unfortunately, as Mel Brooks put it, “the inquisition here and it’s here to stay.” Pope Benedict should resign. He should realize that he is the reason why so many suffered because he chose not to act upon case after case which came before his desk. He has blamed this upon gay men in the priesthood without cause or reason. Child molesters go after those that they can without regard for the sex of the child. Many pedophiles target both boys and girls.

Benedict may not have covered this up, but he is at the very least guilty of negligent in his handling of these crimes.

It is time for Benedict to resign. It is time for him to do the right thing so that the Catholic Church and the victims of those whose crimes he ignored can begin to heal.

“Hey Ratzimada, waddya say?”
“Just got back from an auto de fey.”
“An auto de fey, what’s an auto de fey.”
“It’s what you aught’na do, but you do anyway.”

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