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Boobies Boobies Boobies!!

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Okay lets talk foundations. Girls are always asking me, how do you feel about this shirt? What about these pants? Does this color look good with my complexion? Those are very good questions ladies however, What about the garments that go underneath the cutest shirt you’ve ever seen in your life? Lets talk Boobies Ladies!! O:) it is estimated that around 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra! This is so important girls, not only is it detrimental to your health but it can also make or break that perfect low cut top you’re so excited about sporting and for my masculine ladies the right bra with that sexii button down can make a world of difference.

Before we talk fashion lets talk about health. The majority of women don’t know that wearing the wrong bra can cause a series of health issues including chronic headaches, back pain, tingling sensation in the arms, restricted breathing, abrasions, rashes and breast pain! Oh my gosh is that not just horrible!? So wearing the wrong sized bra is not only very obviously uncomfortable but it’s also bad for your body! It’s very hard to be a sexii, vibrant and confident woman when your body is painful and unsupported. But how can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong size bra? Lucky for you girlies I’ve already made a list for you :D

How to tell if you’re wearing the wrong size:

  • Do the ta tas fit?  If your ta tas are spilling over the top or sides of your bra then your bra is too small. You may need to go up a cup or band size.
  • Does the center of your bra comfortably sit in the middle of your breastbone? The right size bra should fit snuggly and the center should rest right on your breastbone.
  • Does the band on your bra ride up your back? The band of your bra should stay centered around your ribcage underneath your shoulder blades.
  • Do your bra straps fall down or dig into your shoulders? If your bra straps slip down your arms then your bra may be too big or it might just be time for a new bra. Straps tend to stretch as the bra becomes worn out. You should replace your bras ideally every 4 – 6 months. If your bra straps are digging into your shoulders your bra may not be big enough to support your large breasteses.
  • Does your band feel loose around your ribcage? Your band like the cups themselves should fit snuggly. When you buy a bra you should find one that is snug while fastened on the end hook. Bras stretch over time and following this rule extends the life and comfort of your bra. If it’s snug on the end hook, when it stretches you can move on to a shorter hook to make the band tighter.
  • Is your bust in the right place? The right bra is supposed to support you. Your bust should be lifted and feel light on your chest. The cup should be holding up your bust and fit snuggly to your chest.

So we went through the list and lets just say you now know that you’re wearing the wrong size bra 0___0 Don’t worry ladies KitCat has you covered :) There are many different methods for finding your perfect bra size but remember girls that our breasts are all shaped differently so measuring to find a size does not substitute for trying on the bra. Every bra fits an individual differently. Measuring to find a size just gives you a place to start, whether or not it fits depends on how it feels to your body.  (Having someone else measure you will give you a more accurate result than measuring yourself.)

Finding your Band Size

  1. Take a measuring tape and lay it flat on your skin around your rib cage directly underneath your breasts
  2. Make sure the measuring tape is going straight across
  3. If you end up with an odd number round up to the next even number
  4. That is your band size :)

Finding your Cup Size

  1. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your bust with your bra on.
  2. If your bra is too big or not supporting you, lift the straps so that your bust is where it should be while being measured.
  3. Again make sure that the measuring tape lays flat and goes straight across your back and bust.
  4. Take the number you get and subtract the band size. Take the difference and See Chart below for your estimated cup size :)


Negative < 1 1” 2” 3” 4” 5” 6” 7”

Now that we know if our bras fit lets discuss wrong bra + Fashion. Different tops require different bra styles and if you’re wearing a bra that’s too small you can end up with that ever so unflattering quadre boob interfering with your super cute outfit and if your bra isn’t supporting you it can actually make the dimensions of your waste appear bigger, visually adding weight to your mid section.


  • Backless Bra – The backless bra is pretty self-explanatory, it has no back. It’s also possible to get a backless bra without straps. The backless bra works extremely well for backless and low back garments. If you’re a fan of off the shoulder tops having one of these will do wonders for your sexii look.
  • Convertible Bra – The convertible bra is not only adorable but also very convenient. The straps are interchangeable to turn the bra from standard to a halter to backless to strapless! These nifty straps make the convertible bra a multiple style opportunity :)

  • Demi Bra – The demi bra is mostly about cleavage. It’s design is made to push the breasts towards the center so create a firm showy look. The cup starts about an inch above the nipple so it’s great for low cut tops. 

  • Full Cup Bra – The full cup bra is designed for women with larger breasts, it’s purpose is mainly to support. The full cup covers the whole breast in order to fully support and shape.

  • Minimizer Bra – The minimizer like the full cup is for women with a larger bust, it’s purpose is to make the bust look smaller and smoother. It can also help prevent button bunching when wearing a blouse or button down.

  • Push Up Bra – Unlike the minimizer the push up does just the opposite. The push up is made to give the illusion of bigger breasts it also extenuates the breast form and creates gorgeous cleavage for those sexy tops. 
  • Sports Bra – Sports bras were made to reduce bounce during sporty activities, though many women wear them on the regular. Sports bras do not provide enough support to wear day in and day out, they also ware out very easily.

  • Strapless Bra – Every femme should own one of these! Not only do they look great with a strapless shirt or off the shoulder sweater but also for evening wear. They really do work wonders.  For the larger breasted women like myself, these bras may be a problem. Unfortunately they don’t make them in my cup size but during prom season I found an awesome gadget called a corset bra. It uses your back and waist to support your breasts allowing you to rock that gorgeous strapless dress or shirt and they are surprisingly comfortable. Any prom or bridal store should have them :)
  • T-Shirt Bra – The T-Shirt bra is designed to provide a smooth appearance under soft and thin materials, such as a T-shirt or sheer top. Very comfortable and sexii especially for the more masculine women. They look great under a polo or wife beater.

Although most women can find bras in any Arie, Victoria Secret or Department store women with an uncommon cup size or have a tiny rib cage with large breasts are going to have a harder time finding the right bra. Most cities have specialty stores specifically for lingerie and carry these bra sizes. Personally I like Blums on Long Island, they not only have large bust bras for girls with small rib cages but they also have specialty bathing suit tops! Do a little internet searching and I’m sure you will find a store that you will love!

Okay so before I end my Boobies rant I just want to give you a tiny tid bit of information on bra maintenance. Bras should really be hand washed and hung up to dry. They’re not cheap so you want them to last as long as possible and that is really the best way. If you do decide to wash them remember to wash on delicate and dry on air other wise you can warp the wires and ruin your perfect boobie holder :) So be gentle with your bras, have fun trying on and finding your perfect bra fit and remember to be comfortable being you. Please be good to your ta tas!!

Fashion, Express yourself

- KitCat

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