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Jennifer Lopez Talks Gay Fans, Gay Best Friends and Marriage Equality

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04/12/2010- by Natasia Langfelder

Actress, Musician and Gay Icon Jennifer Lopez gave an interview with the Advocate for their May Issue. The erstwhile J-Lo is currently promoting her new romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan and she’s doing a great job of rallying her LGBT fan-base.

J-Lo on gay fans:

Do you keep the gay audience in mind when working on a new album?
To be honest, yes, I really do. I love dance music and I know that’s very big in the club culture and in the gay community, so I feel like you can’t not think about them. I also think about whether or not they’ll want to impersonate me. [Laughs] I’ll be like, “Is this outfit any good? Would any drag queen want to put this on? No? Then forget it — it’s not worth it.”

What’s it like to perform for a sea of gay men?
It’s the best audience ever. You guys enjoy the music, you get into it, and you’re not afraid to let go and express yourself. That’s what I want from an audience. I recently did a show where the crowd was just standing there, staring at me with their camera phones up, YouTubing me or whatever the heck they do now. I was like, “This is crazy! I need vibe!” I’d so much rather have you guys jumping up and down, waving your arms in the air.

On Gay best friends:

Who’s your best gay friend in real life?
Oh, God, I have so many, but my closest is my manager, Benny [Medina]. He’s the godfather to my child, so he’s become a part of my family. We understand each other, we love each other, we have a certain type of chemistry, we have similar work ethics, and we can talk about everything.

On Marriage Equality :

More and more celebrities are supporting the gay community by vowing not to get married until all Americans can marry. I guess you didn’t get that memo, huh?
Yeah, I didn’t get that memo three times. [Laughs] When it comes to gay marriage, I just believe in love. I believe that when two people find each other and love each other, they should be able to spend their lives together. Especially being married now and having been divorced twice — being younger, more immature, and making those kinds of mistakes — I don’t think marriage is to be taken lightly for anybody. You have to work at it.

My favorite question of the interview is Jennifer’s response to how she would react if one of her children was gay:

Honestly, it wouldn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t be shocked or anything. Marc even once asked me, “What if one of the babies is gay?” I said, “Who cares?” And he was like, “Yeah, I know. Who cares?” You just love your kids and want them to be happy, because it’s really about love. That’s what this is all about — I sing about it, I do movies about it, and that’s how I live my life.

Great interview, J Lo is really setting a great example to parents about acceptance of LGBT children. To read the interview in it’s entirety click HERE

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  1. marina

    July 1, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    jennifer … Cant you just love me? Haha, I meam wow… Youre a total hotttie…!! Would do anything 4 u lov… Anything..!!!!

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