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Shocking Photos of Corrective Rape Victim

The Face Of Corrective Lesbian Rape In South Africa

4/5/10-by Melanie Nathan and Paula Brooks

This is the face of South African lesbian who was beaten and raped for five hours by a man who told her he wanted to “turn her into a woman”.

According to the Cape Argus, Millicent Gaika of Gugulethu Township alleged her attacker “acted like an animal who wanted to kill” and said “I thought he was going to kill me; he was like an animal. And he kept saying: ‘I know you are a lesbian. You are not a man, you think you are, but I am going to show you, you are a woman. I am going to make you pregnant. I am going to kill you.’”

Gaika said the assault began after she and some friends were walking home after spending the evening at another friend’s residence. As she approached her home, they met her alleged attacker and he asked Gaika for a cigarette. Gaika then said she gave him one and stayed to smoke with him while her friends walked on. A few minutes later, the man refused to pass the cigarette to Gaika and walked into his room.

When Gaika attempted to recover her cigarette, the man locked the door and it was then he began raping her.

Said Gaika, “He started hitting me and I fought back. Then he started doing what he did to me. He pulled off my clothes and pushed me down on the bed. He did it more than once. He was holding me down, strangling me and pushing his hands hard on to my neck.”

Ms. Gaika also said her alleged attacker had never objected to her sexuality before. “He was very nice to me – I’d known him for years.”

The attack on Gaika continued for nearly 5 hours, and only ended after neighbors finally heard her screams, broke down the assailant’s door and found Gaika naked from the waist down on a bed and bleeding. They then held the assailant until police arrived.

A Gugulethu police spokesman said Gaika’s attacker has been arrested and will remain in custody until his court appearance on Tuesday. Gugulethu is located about 10 miles north of Capetown.

According to a report by international group ActionAid, 10 new cases of lesbians being raped are reported every week in Cape Town alone and this attack was not the first one on Gaika.

In 2002 she was raped by four men who were originally sentenced to between 10 and 15 years each for the crime, but who were later released early from prison.

These rapes are going largely unrecognized by the state and unpunished by the legal system.

ActionAid has called on South Africa’s criminal justice system to recognize these corrective rapes, as a separate crime category. It argues this will force police to take action over the rising violence and ensure the resources and support is provided to those trying to bring perpetrators to justice.

Ndumi Funda, the founder and director of Lulekisiswe Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Women’s Project in Nyanga, was at Gaika’s house yesterday and said she was “deeply hurt and traumatized”.

“This needs to be stopped. We know of so many that this happens to and nothing is done about it. How many more young lesbian women must die?”

When LGR received these pictures from South Africa today we had to make a tough call. Publishing these pictures was a tough decision because they are so awful; however we must force ourselves to look at these and then demand action!!!!!

In South Africa one of out 4 people are HIV positive or have aids, and many lesbians have contracted HIV/AIDS because of these rapes and have died.

A statement released by South Africa’s national prosecuting authority said: “While hate crimes – especially of a sexual nature – are rife, it is not something that the South African government has prioritized as a specific project.”
We demand that South African President Zuma change that and do something!

UPDATED 4-6-10 Melanie Nathan
Wynberg Magistate’s Court on Tuesday.  A handful of demonstrators gathered outside the court calling for the alleged attacker not to be granted bail. The victim’s cousin said the incident has shocked the Gaika family. She told Eyewitness News she found it difficult to comprehend why her cousin was raped as a result of her sexual preference. It is alleged the 40-year-old male accused strangled Gaika with a wire and brutally beat her before raping her.



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18 Responses to Shocking Photos of Corrective Rape Victim

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  2. cheyenne and mari

    May 31, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    im speechless,im shock,i dont know what to say and think when i see and read this sad story,,,,i care for my life,i care for my girl life´s…i dont want this to happen to us or anyonelse again…people need to know–they cant change us..we´ve brn this way.GAY S ARE PEOPLE TOO.

  3. Lacii Sanders

    November 9, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    this is so sad n she is so strong im a lesbian myself n ive been thru rape not on this level what she has gone thru and endured makes what happened to me seem innocent in a way bt no matter how horrific the experience its all wrong and my prayers go out to her and her family and the sick individual thats not secure enough about his own manhood that he had to rape her i pray that he and all of the people over looking whats being done to innocent women in south africa because of who they choose to love or sleep with is there anyway we can contact her like email her directly thou ii only speak english maybe someone could translate my message and please let her knw that heros dont wear caped and cover their faces n monsters dont have scales they walk talk look eat sleep and breath just like us they r even stand up citizens of our communities but you sweetheart and all of the people standing behind you and with u are the real “HEROS” ii havent stoppd thinking about you since ive read this article i just wish that there was something that ii could do or say to make your battle just a little bit liter but there is “PRAY” {LET GO AND LET GOD} it will pay off so when you go to court or step out your door take him with you ii hate that we had to meet like this but you are trully inbedded in my heart and in the heart of many others you have no idea!!!! Millicent Gaika ii love you sweetie and keep your head up!!!! Ms welcomes you and our kind so if ever you want to come some place else keep us in mind!!!!

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  5. Hamish Stewart

    June 12, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    A friend of mine pointed this out to me for my own blog. I can remember back to my own school days and jokes being made about ” cures ” for lesbians. I would lay money if I was to return to that school those school boy jokes would still be being made and that is the real problem here it isn’t a lesbian problem but a male problem that lesbians pay the price for. Good blog mine will be from a perspective that men need to take ownership of this behavior and make it clear violence is not ok

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  7. Amanda

    May 12, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    I cringe for my family; for my fellow lesbians. I am so sorry.
    I can not even begin to tell anyone how much my stomach clenches, and my heart seizes up- hearing this. I will never back down against hatred and oppression. I will make my gay community proud.

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