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Is Janet Porter (nee Folger) a Lesbian?

5-23-10  Melanie Nathan

Janet and 'Friend'

Do you remember the forgotten Janet Porter (nee Folger)- the rampaging ‘hate the gay’ campaigner whose poster boy, John Paulk, was photographed by Wayne Bessen of Truth Wins Out inside a gay bar in 2000.  Along with attorney Michael Hamar, Bessen at TWO also exposed their other spokesperson, Michael Johnston, for having orgies with men he met online; a Rekers bust!

Well according to Bessen she is at it again.  In his piece about her latest rampage attacking  Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan in what Bessen describes as  an obnoxious “Action Alert”, where Porter has a headline that reads:

“Lesbian Nominated to Supreme Court.” What evidence does Porter have to make this allegation? Has she slept with Kagen?

He then goes on to ask the obvious question: “How does she know Kagan is a Lesbian, has she slept with her?”

So I say; yes surely to be so sure in the flagrant statement and ‘action alert’ – she must have slept with Kagan – ahem – otherwise how could she be so sure? – So my headline is – Is Janet Porter a Lesbian?  -


Thanks Wayne for the fuel and lets give that closet in the christian fundamentalist house a good cleaning out.

Ah yes lest I forget: The Right Wing Watch Report:

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Janet Porter, ever since her May Day prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial brought in just a few hundred people, rather that the several thousand they were expecting, leaving her to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in organizing costs.

And then things got worse when VCY America announced that it was dropping its airing and support for Porter’s radio program, due to her increasing embrace of dominion theology, cutting off a large part of her audience and funding.

Since then, Porter’s radio program appears to have been placed on hold, as she’s just been running repeats of earlier programs for the last week or so.  But today she used her weekly column in WorldNetDaily to respond to her critics – interestingly, not critics such as us, but rather those who should be her allies who have not supported her efforts or her theology. Read more...

MAYBE SHE IS A LESBIAN after all!  See Suspect Picture above !

So here is the whole article by Wayne Bessen – enjoy…

By Melanie Nathan
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7 Responses to Is Janet Porter (nee Folger) a Lesbian?

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  4. Bridgette P. LaVictoire

    May 23, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Well, we know that the more virulent a male homophobe is, the more likely he’s gay. i’m not sure if the same holds true for women homophobes though.

    • Melanie Nathan

      May 24, 2010 at 11:08 am

      Hehe – lets find out …lol

    • Angel

      June 1, 2010 at 11:02 am

      My gaydar siren goes off so loudly for Janet Porter. Did you ever see her walk? She is a dyke in a skirt who has “prayed away the gay”. As a woman I can tell you the same applies to women born agains who protest so loudly about all things gay. They are deep in the closet and I’m sure Ms. Folger/Porter has some real skeletons in her closet she will never reveal from high school/college years.

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