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Rekers Begs Rentboy to Stop Interviews – Finally the Full Monty

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5-7-10 by Melanie Nathan

The name Rekers, has been bouncing from blogger to blogger, with Miami New Times at the helm of the expose of the beast who ‘would separate gay families.”  George Alan Rekers, a voracious anti-gay ex-gay, has  been one of the most significant Piranhas to helm the concocted ex-gay industry, whose prime conscious motive has been to make money and (perhaps) unconscious motive to hide and mask his hatred for himself and G-d, behind lies and contrived thesis.

Rekers was caught courting a Rent-Boy- now hounded, named and talking, at an airport after returning from a vacation to sleazy hotels in Europe, with his paid escort.

Bloggers from Joe, (Joe-My-God)  to Andy Towle to Unzipped have been following the beat of the Miami New Times, which first exposed the story, amidst a controversial bewilderment rendering speculation of ‘ who, what and how did they’s’  get the  tell-tale picture and story.

Then came the hunt for Rentboy and successfully found by Unzipped, who dropped the story mid-talk with Jo-Vanni Roman, (Lucien) leaving his readers holding limp wrist beside keyboard:…”more later” as the saying goes.. but none came and readers were pissed.

So Joe-My-God got the ultimate scoop just today in the weeny hours.  Actually it was relatively easy to contact Jo-Vanni, after he was named. I too made contact and reached out – but seems he wanted to talk to the more famous and the  boys!

This all culminated with only two BLOGS now worth reading, present company excluded of course.  Firstly I name TWO – Truth Wins Out- which has a full rendition of Rekers hate filled lies that have cost the LGBT family community so much, including references to PDF file Judgment from the Judge in In Re Gill, the Florida adoption case. TWO exposes the indulgent industry and the enormous amount of money this Blob made at our expense. It is all a must read.  It makes me wonder who the real prostitute is in this scenario. The one who sells his body or the one who sold his soul?

Then the other is Joe-My-God who had a 90 minute interview with the young man in the early hours of this morning. Another must read.

Joe’ s take  “Let’s open by saying that this kid is no dim bulb. I found him frank, sharp, funny, and quite forthcoming to all my questions. And I had a lot. But I also must say Jo-Vanni is almost painfully naive about some things, as you’ll see.

“Since the story broke on Tuesday, we’ve all seen George Rekers’ increasingly desperate attempts to deny the sexual aspect of their trip or that he even met Jo-Vanni on in the first place. They’ve spoken on the phone once since then, during which Jo-Vanni angrily confronted Rekers about his anti-gay work with the Family Research Council. “I just stay in the background” was Rekers’ limp defense. The call ended with Rekers begging Jo-Vanni to refuse future interview requests.” (Joe)

Tonight we may see the first of a big national media explosion.  While the bloggers have been busy- the mainstream media and cable TV have been reticent, but now that our ‘Brothers in Blogging’ have done the work, Anderson Cooper is ready. This is all good- and shows the power of blogging and how often we can fuel mainstream.

J-Vanni told told Joe, that  that  a gay reporter was about to interview him   and Joe says that is indeed Anderson Cooper, whose office has been calling Jo-Vanni. So this morning CNN’s Randi Kaye will meet Jo-Vanni at a Fort Lauderdale hotel for an on-camera (but probably silhouetted) interview. And there Jo-Vanni says he will hand over the confidentiality agreement signed by himself and Dr. George Rekers. “You know, I’d love to see that contract if you wouldn’t mind faxing or emailing a photo of it to me,” I said innocently. Jo-Vanni laughed and declined. Like I said, naive perhaps, but not dumb”

The power of bloggers – must be further honed to keep this story alive until we bring this anti-gay hate group – ex-gays out of the Courts and Bookstores.  Let them preach to their own kind, but take heed – if the appear at any door to any courtroom involving an adoption or a gay rights issue, we will be there to track them until we bring each one of their lying butts down.  This story cannot go away – so fair minded and hard working passionate Brothers and Sisters in Blogging and News – keep the focus and Jolly well done!

UPDATE – Jim Burroway BOX TURTLE gets Anderson Cooper leaked interview  on site

By Melanie Nathan

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16 Responses to Rekers Begs Rentboy to Stop Interviews – Finally the Full Monty

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  4. Todd

    May 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    I don’t think you really mean Miami Herald but Miami New Times.

  5. Jeff

    May 7, 2010 at 4:45 pm


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