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TMZ Compares Elena Kagan to Chaz Bono

05/12/2010- by Natasia Langfelder

Yesterday I was slammed for criticizing TMZ for attacking Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for her looks. Our country is at a crossroads and her nomination is a pretty serious matter. Today, TMZ is going at Kagan again…and this time it’s even more blatantly homophobic. The headline reads: “Elena Kagan vs. Chaz Bono: Who would you rather? Solicitor General Elena Kagan (left) could transform history by becoming the fourth woman to sit on the  Supreme Court, while former woman Chaz Bono (right) changed his story by transforming into a man.”

Ok, lets give TMZ the benefit of the doubt, they attack straight people in “Who would you rather” too. However, this post has become a breeding ground for LGBT hatred.

Some of the comments on the post read:

“Where’s the neither option? Or the, I’d rather die by festering maggots option?”

“Il rather be eaten alive by a bear.”

“I’d rather inject bleach into my scrotum”

“You couldn’t PAY me enough $$$$$$$$$$!! And I do think I would rather being eaten “` by a bear, like person #1 on the comment list!! :)”

“Now TMZ for the love of God why did you have to ask people who would they rather be! These two manly looking beast! Hell NO”

” For crying out loud, I rather be eaten alive by a bear & burn down my monitor at the same time. I rather do Rosie O’Donnell! :”

“why TMZ, WHY? i’m gonna have to burn my monitor now. i rather eat shards of broken beer bottles the do EITHER! we all await your apology now.”

And my personal favorite: Two fat disgusting sexual deviants, ie lesbians. Gag!

To all the people who thought I was being some kind of crazy militant lesbian yesterday…call me prescient. This is only the beginning for the attack on the closeted Kagan. Personally, I would have more respect for her if she came out. But these attacks on her looks are unwarranted. She’s not trying to become the next Miss America, she’s trying to serve our country. The real problem with Kagan isn’t her looks, it’s her potentially conservative stance on marriage equality and abortion rights.

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8 Responses to TMZ Compares Elena Kagan to Chaz Bono

  1. TerryFTW

    May 12, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    I still think she looks like kevin james lol

    Also we all know who Seth Mcfarlane would choose :P

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  5. Bridgette P. LaVictoire

    May 12, 2010 at 9:42 am

    This is just insane. I’m sorry, but this is really not funny. Before I get hit with all the usual attacks, yes, i know that Jon Stewart compared Kagan to Danny Divito, but he was not talking about Kagan’s looks so much as a lot of other things about Kagan like the fact that she use to smoke like a chimney, is short, and likes poker. These attacks on her looks are ridiculous, though. I stand by what I said yesterday about all of this too.

    Plus- I really wish the commentors on TMZ would crawl back into what ever hole they crawled out of.

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