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Get Equal Now and The Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Want Anti-LGBT Planks Removed From Texas GOP Platform

06/27/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Texas has come under a great deal of ridicule and scrutiny for their party platform lately. This platform includes some very inflammatory language regarding homosexuality, and even advocated a return of the sodomy laws which once saw many lesbians and gays thrown into jail. Get Equal Now is urging the head of the Texas GOP to remove the language regarding homosexuality from the party platform, but they are not alone. The Republican Liberty Caucus is also urging Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri to do so.

C.D. Kirven, co-founder of Get Equal Now, stated in a press release “It’s nice to see bipartisan activism from Texas groups speaking up for human rights. My hope is other organizations and government officials across the U.S. follows our lead by putting their heart where their mouth is…so that LGBT civil rights becomes a completed goal instead of a 41 year-old quest.”

The RLC’s own statement on this issue said “The platform advocates policies which would make it a felony to perform a same-sex marriage in Texas, which would re-criminalize sodomy and which would take away the rights of gay parents in custody cases. These proposals are contrary to the values of most Texans and run counter to the Republican tradition of vigorously defending individual liberty.”

Get Equal Now is also trying to prevent Texas from making the same mistake that Arizona has in passing an ineffective and even damaging law designed to supposedly protect the people of that state, but has ultimately done more to allow drug smugglers and criminals free passage as it erodes the relationship between local law enforcement and the very communities that they need for information on the criminals.

Texas RLC Chairman, Joey Dauben of Ellis County stated in their press release “We need to focus on keeping the government out of our pocketbooks; especially in Texas. There are far more pressing problems for the GOP in our state to worry about. While I personally disagree with same-sex marriage from a Biblical perspective, marriage is a contract between individuals and God, not with the government. If we want government out of our wallets and our boardrooms, we should also keep government out of our churches and our bedrooms.”

“Get Equal Now is extending an olive branch out to the TX GOP in hopes to work within the current framework to create inclusive change and hope Republicans become allies in our 41 year-old struggle for human rights,” said GEN’s Co-Founder Michael Robinson.

“Get Equal NOW is a grassroots LGBT rights direct action group that is unaffliated with GetEqual. GEN is fighting for equality inside the LGBT community and civil rights outside the LGBT community. We urge the TX GOP to join GEN and the Republican Liberty Caucus by removing anti-inclusionary items from their 2010 platform or we will protest their July event. GEN urges Chairman Steve Munisteri to foster an environment where every Texan feels accepted as human being by their state representatives. We will follow this event with additional protests and direct actions if necessary.”

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2 Responses to Get Equal Now and The Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Want Anti-LGBT Planks Removed From Texas GOP Platform

  1. Dave Nalle

    June 27, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    To correct one thing in the article, which you may have picked up from the Get Real Now press release. It is not possible to actually remove these ridiculous things from the state GOP platform until the next Texas Republican state convention in 2012. That’s prohibited by the party by-laws. This is why the RLC press release specifically does not request removal, but instead asks for a statement from the Chairman that the platform is not considered binding on candidates, which should be within his powers.

    Dave Nalle
    National Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus