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Missing Gay Virginia Man SafeAccording To Police

06/26/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Edward Roland Minnoe IV is, apparently, safe and sound.  He recently got in touch with Spotsylvania County detectives to inform them that he had left Virginia of his own volition and was unharmed.  A sheriff’s office statement read “Edward Roland Minnoe IV contacted Spotsylvania County detectives and informed them that he left the D.C. metropolitan area on his own free will and is safe in another state.  This has been confirmed by several interviews conducted by the detectives assigned to the case.  The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the media and D.C. Metropolitan Police Department for their assistance in this case.”

Law enforcement officials did not answer why he did not contact his employers, his family, or his friends as to his whereabouts, and one of his friends left him a message on his Facebook page telling him that he acted irresponsibly in not informing anyone where he was.  He appears to have been fired from his job at Petco for not informing them of his whereabouts.

He was reported missing on 14 June after attending Capital Pride and going to a club with his friends.  He elected to remain behind when they went home the night of 13 June.  He was seen leaving the club with a man of unknown racial background.

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One Response to Missing Gay Virginia Man SafeAccording To Police

  1. ittakesavillage_people

    June 28, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    What a jerk! His libido evidently overiding common sense (which aint so common).