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Luxembourg Inches Towards Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption Rights

07/15/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
On Friday, Luxembourg has begun to work on their own legislation to provide same-sex couples both marriage and adoption rights. The tiny nation known officially as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is sandwiched in between France, Germany and Belgium. In 2009, a new government was elected in Luxembourg, and a push began to extend benefits to lesbians and gays inside the tiny Duchy.

The adoption of the platform for same-sex marriages and adoptions took a strong step forward when the Council of State, an advisory body to the Chamber of Deputies, adopted the suggestions about marriage equality and adoption rights in the nation.

The decision by the government does not mean that these rights will go into effect in the next couple of weeks, but that they are moving forward with crafting the legislation. The adoption of the legislative agenda by the Council of State means that the Chamber of Deputies will be able to begin work on the legislative changes in the weeks ahead.

Indications are that Luxembourg is taking these changes very slowly. The stickier problem appears to be adoption rights, but the legislative momentum is there.

This is good news in the wake of the legal changes in Argentina.

(My apologies that this is probably rougher than I would like. My French is not very strong yet, but it is slightly better than Google’s translation service. I am planning on continuing to perfect my ability to at least read French.)

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And a Shout Out to Box Turtle for bringing this to our attention.

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