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Meg Whitman Barks Pit Bull Talk

Meg Whitman at eBay Live 2005-01-13 (2)

By Melanie Nathan  7-21-10

Meg Whitman is analyzed by Melanie Nathan via Fox interview.

My analysis  – Judge for yourself – please do not import my thoughts.  Share your own these are mine….A mile a minute a voice like a man a closet lesbian….  She speaks for the world – she is right never wrong- she is borderline!

She is so-pro Prop8 – She is anti gay marriage, but will support second class citizenry for LGBT couples by supporting Civil Unions. Hey Meg we have that anyway except its called Domestic Partnership. Wanna give that a new name?   She is so full of herself – she clearly will not allow another soul to speak their piece – so if she gets to be governor and autocrat shall be holding the pen that dooms the next California day.

She does not allow anyone else to talk or have HER stage.  N o other can lift their leg high enough to pee on her tree.  The interviewers trying to engage in conversation; but she keeps cutting them off and will not allow any voice other than her own.

She is condescending and does not like women.

Watch Out California- she is carved of stone…… see for yourself

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