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Prop Infinity Mixes Laughter With Positive LGBT Message by Taking On Prop 8, Anti-LGBT Arguments

07/08/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
(Spoiler Alert- read no further if you do not want to know about this episode!)
Robosexuality is immoral, sinful, and the subject of tonight’s Futurama in an episode that attacks just about every single one of the issues that effect the LGBT Community.  When Amy Wong and her fonfonrue Kiff break up, Amy falls for Bender, but their affair is considered illicit and wrong because the love of a human for a robot is considered sinful by the Good Book 2.0 which says that a “robot shall not lay with a human.”

Of course, Amy and Bender try hard to keep their affair from being found out.  At one point, when they are kissing, they are mobbed by a group of religious zealots who condemn them.  Bender throws them off by recommending that they go after a single mother.

Ultimately, their affair is found out by their coworkers and Professor Farnsworth calls Amy’s parents who lasso her off to Mars and the Preacherbot, who takes Bender off to be “reprogrammed”.  The Preacherbot condemns robosexuality while also wiping sweat off his brow after he tells the robots that he is trying to reprogram to take out their attraction to humans by cuddling human dummies.   It is rather like the “cuddle therapy” that is common in ex-gay therapy.

Finally tired of not being able to get married, Bender and Amy begin the push for Proposition Infinity.  They begin by getting it on the ballot at the Gearwich Village Pride Festival.

Ultimately, the Farnsworth Foundation, which opposes Prop Infinity, runs an ad full of dark clouds, scary statements, and parents who are afraid of robosexuality being legal.  Ultimately, there is a debate hosted by the Head of George Takai, voiced by George Takai.  As many people in the Community may know, Takai was a strong opponent of Prop 8 in California and is openly gay.  While marriages were legal in California, he married his long time partner Brad Altman.

Prop Infinity is, ultimately approved, after a startling revelation from Farnsworth (hint, he had a robosexual affair).  However, once Bender learns that he and Amy are to enter into a monogamous marriage, he runs off. . .

The episode was a blast to watch.  The best humor is the kind that holds up a mirror and makes us look at ourselves as we are not as how we think we are.  With the exception of the outcome of the episode, the writers hit everything from the hypocritical preacher who condemns the love between a human and a robot while also being tempted, the scary but not really accurate commercials, the hypocrisy of the man who loved a robot who now hates all people like him, and even the denial of robots who are hardwired to love humans by those who hate but secretly long to act upon their desires.

Set a thousand years in the future, Futurama has dealt with a large number of serious and not so serious issues over the years.  The series was first launched in March 1999, and the final episode aired in August 2003.  Then, Comedy Central bought the rights after a long stint of reruns on Cartoon Network, and released four feature length movies.  The series returned to the air in June 2010 marking one of the longest gaps between the end of a series and its resurrection.

It was a fun poke in the eye at all those people who attack lesbians, gays and transsexuals every day to deny us our rights.

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