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Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel Misbehaves at GLAAD Event

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08/05/2010- by Natasia Langfelder

Did Real Housewife of New York diss the gays? Page 6 says yes. They are reporting that Bethenny Frankel pissed off the GLAAD activists who organized a rooftop gala last night. Bethenny (Getting Married?) was supposed to host the event. Why? Who knows, she’s not gay nor has a single lesbian ever been shown, even as a friend or in the freaking background, on Real Housewives of New York or on Bethenny Getting Married? There are a lot of male gay best friends though. Oh, also her husband and baby daddy is rumored to be gay…but my guess is no. If I ever see cameras for either one of those shows on the streets of NYC, I’m throwing myself in front of them. There will be lesbians, Andy Cohen, there will be lesbians. Bethenny also posed nude for PETA even though she is not a vegetarian and wears leather, so she probably just likes doing things where people take her picture.

Anywho, Witnesses reported that Bethenny walked the red carpet an hour later than she was supposed to and she left right after. She didn’t even make it to the roof!

Sources in Bethenny’s camp say that the reality star was rushing because she had to make it to the set of Larry King.

Other guests of the event included Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord, designer David Meister and stylist Phillip Bloch


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