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“Ministering Treachery”, The Truth Concerning Bishop Eddie Long’s Spiritual Wilderness

By: C.D. Kirven, Contributing Writer – September 23, 2010


A third alleged victim came forward today and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes has cancelled a campaign appearance with Bishop Eddie Long amid accusations that inappropriate sexual relationships with three young male parishioners. Black community has rushed to Bishop Long’s defense stating quoting the biblical verse: “The touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm” (Psalm 105:15) – but interestingly, this often overuse quote has been in the past used to cover up harm.   In 2007, Bishop Long was among six televangelists that are under investigation for alleged financial wrongdoing by the Senate Finance Committee who received reports about the Bishop’s lavish lifestyle.

The woman that is perverted to turn towards women….and everybody knows it’s dangerous to enter an exist. God says you deserve death!” Bishop Eddie Long wrote in his book I Don’t Want Delilah.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are spiritual abortions”….this has long been Bishop Long’s public message and outreach mission.  The bishop lead an anti-gay march in Atlanta, ministered regional “homosexual cure” programs to recruit gays and lesbians for what he called “Sexual Reorientation” conferences and also offered ongoing “Out of the Wilderness” ministry to help convert homosexuals into heterosexuals.  This is no passing storm… it’s a tragic crisis, similar to those perpetrated by the Catholic Church… violating the trust of children with secret “covenant ceremonies” that led to the spiritual rape of youth congregants….leaving them emotionally scarred from years of sexual molestation. The pastor’s trans-formative programs only served as “happy hunting grounds” for this disingenuous orthodox leader…whose irresponsible acts have irreparably damaged the foundation of the Black community’s social consciousness.

Eddie Long's Estate

This criminal abuse of authority subsequently created the “down low” phenomenon and encouraged Black parishes across the country to ostracize the Black queer community.  Pastors like Bishop Long commit these irreverent deceptions and are responsible for the emotional isolation of thousands of gays and lesbians.  These victims of his pulpit “hate preach” were starving for acceptance and in desperate need spiritual guidance.  The only “shakedown” occurring was the devote treachery committed by this supposedly…Christian leader…whose pedophile behavior will serve as his immoral legacy.

The age of consent in Atlanta is age 16 years-old so this couldn’t be criminally prosecuted below are the allegations:

  • sing certain biblical verses to justify his sexual relationship with the two young men
  • Misappropriating New Birth Missionary church funds and Longfellow Academy accounts ran to entice and seduce the teens with cars, jewelry and electronics
  • Taking the young men on expensive trips paid for by the church in private jets to international destinations and luxury hotels sharing a room with one bed
  • Church members Andrew Moman and April McLaughlin were named in the suit as having knowledge of his inappropriate sexual conduct with the young boys (Which includes sex acts between Bishop Long and the young men at the church)
  • Discouraging the young men from any involvement with teenage girls

I know as a gay Christian this man will have to answer for his crimes against these children and will one day have to answer for his over 20 year crusade against the Black LGBT community but my question for Bishop Long is…will you continue to allow your self-hate to punish these boys…by allowing members of your congregation to degrade them in public interviews? Will you continue your homophobic campaign – teaching hate instead of love? You’ve robbed these young men of their innocence causing shame and guilt. This truth will live inside you and soon will be publicly undeniable. If you love God, like you say you do then you must accept the reality…that what you’ve done in the dark will soon be in the light!

I hope this leads to more constructive conversations within the Black community about homosexuality and the pain caused by homophobia. I hope groups like the NAACP reach out to Black churches and help facilitate meaningful dialogue about the extremely dangerous practice of preaching homophobia from the pulpit. I hope Black community leaders speak out and educate others that we are all God’s children…because keeping sexuality discussions “taboo” only succeeds in creating a subculture of the Black community.  I also want Bishop Long to know that I will pray for him and that I march for you…your inconvenient truth and inevitable consequences has caused enough pain.  But, this horrible situation can bring about meaningful change…and begin a healing process between the Black community and LGBT members.  I hope you soon will believe this truth…By and By!

C.D. Kirven

(Chastity Kirven) – was born in Waco and raised in Dallas, TX. At age of sixteen she wrote an article about corporal punishment that went over the AP wire which generated enough interest that ultimately restricted its use in Texas public schools. She is a Lambda Literary nominated Author of the her debut book – “What Goes Around Comes Back Around”. Kirven was the Outreach Coordinator for Legacy of Success Foundation and won member of the year in 2008. As Outreach Coordinator, she assisted with saving a local food pantry program that serviced 3,000 homeless HIV patients. Kirven was a founding board member of DFW Pride Movement and was one of the ENDA 4 with the organization Get Equal. Kirven wanted to focus on racism in the LGBT community and created Get Equal Now ( with activist Michael Robinson. Get Equal Now tackles injustice inside and outside the gay rights movement.

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8 Responses to “Ministering Treachery”, The Truth Concerning Bishop Eddie Long’s Spiritual Wilderness

  1. 007

    October 31, 2010 at 6:32 am

    Like many I was not surprised when I heard this. I think Mr. Long has gotten to the point where he feels he himself is supernatural thus he may feel he can beat this or that no matter what comes out the members of his church will follow and support him no matter what. He may have allowed himself to become delusional. Of course, he is inncoent until PROVEN guilty and the young men probably could be conspiring for whatever reason to taint him. I will not hold my breath on that however. Every dog has his day…

  2. gentle lamb

    September 27, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    Eddie Long would not be able to talk so much about queer people after this. Everyone will be talking about him instead. Such a tragedy of a good person trying to hide his sexual orientation and became a monster.

  3. Jude Moriarty

    September 26, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    I have always thought that these mega $$$ churches were a travesty – a convenient rip off so that Eddie and those of his ilk (Robertson – gold mine investment with Operation Blessing food for hungry money) Parsley in Ohio with his estate – horses, jet / raking in mega bucks from POOR – Joyce Meyers – palatial estate/ homes for family members – Haggee (Texas) and his bloated family on a huge estate ( 5 lodges)…All of these shysters are disgusting.

    Look at Eddie’s home – doesn’t anybody recall the thousands of poor folks lined up a few months ago for housing vouchers ( promise of getting on years long waiting list). Just like Jesus? ‘Foxes have lairs – birds have nests, the Son of Man has no place to rest his head”. Eddie may spew forth Scripture “touch not my anointed’ but I say -(Jesus love of youth) – “It is better that you tie a millstone and drown yourself rather than harm one of my little ones ” and “All things done in the darkness shall be brought into the light”. Sadly (this am on news) it was sickening watching the thousands of parishioners CLAPPING for this guy who dresses ( millions out of work) like a well heeled pimp/ is traveling the world with ‘friends’(?) staying in five star hotels / private jet !!

    I find it interesting that whether its Eddie, Robertson, Falwell (they blamed gays for 9/11!!) they ‘supposedly’ do all this great work in Africa – Hondoras etc —-far enough away (photo shop pictures for fund raising) so that there’s no way of checking/ a perfect excuse for exotic holidays. For goodness sakes there are tens of thousands just in the Atlanta area —along with MILLIONS nation wide who are sick – hungry etc and HE lives in a palatial estate comparable to Donald Trump and the church members aren’t disgusted? I was the first AIDS (homeless) outreach worker in CT —-and director of homeless program. I met Mrs. Blue ( age 74) living in one of these disgusting Projects. Mrs Blue loved church ( five miles from her apt) but the buses didn’t run on Sunday. So I joined her church (only white person in congregation of 1000) . If HEAVEN is segregated I want to spend eternity with all my black friends (worship sure won’t be boring).

    It was the BEST church I ever belonged to. I cannot imagine Rev Perry ripping off the sheep like Eddie!! Finally – working with numerous young black men for years I can tell you it’s taken a lot of courage for these young men to step forward ( TV media reported that thus far 30 have come forth to police- not made public yet, due to testimony being taken) They are the ONES who need surrounded with love by the congregation.

    People living in TENTS – ramshackle motels – in their cars and Eddie (wife ?) have no problem blaspheming everything the Lord stands for!!! I’m not praying for Eddie I’m praying for these young men (for courage – wisdom – Christ’s compassion) and for the congregation – that the Lord would reveal TRUTH to them!!

    • Eliza

      September 27, 2010 at 11:39 pm

      It’s called “prosperity gospel,” a further corruption of Christian mythology.

  4. Stuffed Animal

    September 25, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    There is no such thing as a “Black queer”. There is no such thing as a “queer Christian.” Please endeavor to cleanse your vocabulary of ugly, shame-based terms like this. People like “Bishop” Eddie Long are the real queers. They are, as the definition of “queer” states, twisted, sick and/or insane. They pervert the teachings of Jesus Christ, worship at the altar of Satanic hypocrisy, and model the very worst qualities of humankind.

    • Melanie Nathan

      September 25, 2010 at 2:59 pm

      I will pass your comments on to the writer – mel

    • Eliza

      September 27, 2010 at 11:36 pm

      “Queer” has been reclaimed by the LGBT community since the 80′s, much like the former ephithet “dyke.” As a bisexual female who is more attracted to women than men but in a long-term relationship with a bisexual man, I label myself queer because I don’t want to be taken as another heteronormative relationship when we are much more transgressive and reject straight privilege. It’s not an insult to everyone.

  5. TikiHead

    September 23, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Wait a minute, did he buy that estate on sale from Tony Montana?