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Director Gabrielle Lindau Tackles Homophobia Around the World

10/15/2010- by Natasia Langfelder

Out and proud queer director Gabrielle Lindau hit the NYC scene hard with her short, sexy comedy “These Showers Can Talk.” Although Gabrielle is working on a reality webseries starring adult film star Brittany Andrews, she still has time to address serious issues through the art of film. She is currently in the development stages of “Who You Are.” On her Facebook fan page, Gabrielle describes the motivations behind the project and what she hopes to achieve with it.

In light of the recent Pride Celebration in Serbia where 6,000 gay hating rioters took to the streets and protested, please view this exclusive look at “Who You Are”- “Who You Are” is a feature length film telling the story of hate crimes against lgbt communities around the world. Coming soon exclusive video clips from… “Who You Are” that address the current hate crimes and suicide related deaths in America. – Filmmakers Gabrielle Lindau and Vertna Bradley. For inquires please contact

This isn’t Gabrielle’s first time tackling issues of homophobia and injustice. She directed a music video for pop-star and Real Housewife flipper, Lori Michaels. The song is called, “The Right” and it focused on the right of the LGBT community to marry. In it, Gabrielle recreated anti-marriage equality rallies and captured the raw animus and ignorance that drives the protesters as well as the effect that hatred has on queer individuals.

For updates on Gabrielle’s webseries and “Who You Are,” visit her Facebook fan page.  

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