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GOProud Accepts Challenge By Maddow For Conservatives To Appear On Her Show

10/08/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
GOProud recently got fleeced thanks to their paying Ann Coulter to come and deliver a harangue towards them in order to humiliate and degrade them, but now they are responding that they are more than willing to come on the show of Dr. Rachel Maddow. On Thursday, Dr. Maddow chided the likes of Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Scott Brown and Christine O’Donnell for using her name to fund-raise while refusing to have any kind of conversation with the openly lesbian MSNBC primetime host. She challenged them to come on the show.

GOProud chairman Christopher Barron stated in a news release

“We accept Rachel Maddow’s challenge for conservatives to appear on her show. We would welcome the opportunity to debate her and to defend our commitment to conservative principles and conservative values. As the only national organization representing gay conservatives we believe that going on Maddow’s show would also provide the gay community with an important contrast – a break from the conventional wisdom that all LGBT Americans subscribe to her version of radical liberalism.

“We have routinely appeared on MSNBC and would gladly appear on her show. If Rachel was sincere in her challenge, if she really wants an open and honest debate with conservatives then our message to her is: call us.”

While the Log Cabin Republicans have been sort of welcomed into the wider LGBT Community, GOProud still remains something of an outcast due to their willingness to claim that Ann Coulter’s lambasting them and saying that gays do not have any civil rights is alright while also paying her a lot of money to do so. GOProud has not done what LCR has, which is challenge the anti-LGBT portions of the Republican Party’s platform- in court if needs be.


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One Response to GOProud Accepts Challenge By Maddow For Conservatives To Appear On Her Show


    October 9, 2010 at 12:50 am

    coulter reminds me of the crazy woman Anita Bryant. A gay friend tole me that growing up in south florida in the `1970s, he nearly committed sucide due to that woman. Whose pie in the face should absolutely bave been filled with cyanide or crazy glue.

    Both of these women are murderers. they use their words to drive people to suicide by demonizing their victiams and making them pariahs in our society. While they think they are doing Gods work, hardly different then the people of 9/11 who shouted Allah Ahkbar (god is great) in the last momnents of their lives, as they sat in the cokpits of jetliners.

    And as to religious free speech, the catholic hitler, still not EXcommunicated, often talked about christian values etc. Every german soldier ‘s belt buckle said “Gott Mit Uns” (god is with us) Hitlers speeches are preserved in a book in some libraries around the world

    But the big point is that if Germany had hate speech laws like it does now,, hitler would have rotted in jail and 55 million people would not have been murdered.

    Religioous freedom of speech must end – the freedom to hate and demonize and cause the suicide of gay children etc etc.