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Lesbian Sues Tea Party Candidate Who She Says Got Her Pregnant

10/29/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Charlette Harris has been with the same woman for four years, has never been unfaithful, and is now pregnant. The pregnancy is unplanned for, and the result of what appears to be rape and she has charged it is GOP Wisconsin Secretary of State candidate David King that got her that way, after, according to Harris, King took her to lunch, got her drunk enough that she passed out, and then had sex with her at his apartment.

She has stated “now I’m pregnant. Everything’s not OK.”

A doctor has confirmed that Harris is pregnant, and she insists that there are no other possible fathers because, as she states, “I’m a lesbian. I’m gay. I’ve been with the same woman for four years.”

Harris says the two met because he got her a job at Buy Seasons in New Berlin. The company, which is an online costume retailer is also named in the suit.

Harris has named the company in the suit because “they allow him to do all their hiring. They allow him to do all their interviewing.”

Buy Seasons contends that King has never worked for them; however, he does voluntarily and informally recruit employees through the Wisconsin Seasonal Workforce Coalition. A spokesman for the company said “I don’t know why Buy Seasons is being named.”

King, for his part, issued a statement regarding this incident stating:

“There is not truth to these accusations and the timing of these accusations are apparently politically and financially motivated. Today politics in Wisconsin has slithered to a new gutter low but my faith, my friends and my family are with me and his rod and his staff comfort me. The truth will be told, my reputation will be restored and my mission will go forward.”

The allegations are at odds with the Christian image King presents on his website. According to his biography there, King became a pastor in 1996 and later established a prison ministry as well as a transitional home for single mothers.

King currently runs a street ministry and has been involved in the tea party movement. He speaks regularly at Christian functions around Milwaukee, where he is billed as Apostle David King.

Despite his connections to the church, King’s campaign has not been free of other controversy during this election cycle.

During a campaign speech for gun owners in August, King referred to Gov. Jim Doyle as a “crackhead.” King also filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and has several unpaid civil judgments as well as a nonprofit that is not registered with the state or federal government.

For her part, Harris has stated that these allegations are not politically motivated. She said “I’m not into politics at all. I haven’t voted in 10 years.” She is thirty-one now.

King’s opponent, current Secretary of State Doug La Follette, has said he has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The Republican Party of Wisconsin has no comment, and King is, so far, not under criminal investigation over Harris’ charges.

Of course, if King wants to restore his reputation, he could just have a paternity test and get it over with.

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5 Responses to Lesbian Sues Tea Party Candidate Who She Says Got Her Pregnant

  1. Charlette Harris

    October 31, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Thank you for all your support and thoughts on this matter. We are still waiting for Mr. King to admit his wrong doing and submit to a prebirth paternity, he has yet to agreed to take the test. If he is waiting for after elections, his reasoning is unwarranted. Rather than bash the victim, he needs to try to clear his name by submitting to this paternity test. I know the truth as well does he, that is why he has refused a paternity test as of yet. He wants to wait until he is elected into office than it will be too late for America’s opinion of him because his position will already be set in office. ..Mr. King needs to just admit his wrong doing publicly and submit to a paternity test. HE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS…

  2. 007

    October 31, 2010 at 6:19 am

    Hmmm and I know some gay men that think Lesbians just have it easy in this world. Since when does getting raped equate having it easier? I think not. I believe Harris. Why would she lie? What would he have to gain? Take the test King. Or will King refuse to take the test because he already knows what the outcome will be. Too many ignorant straight men try to force this on Lesbian women and it’s time that Lesbians and the broader LGBT community start fighting back. It’s time we start defending ourselves against people that attempt to rape Lesbians, beat gay men and trans folks, attack bisexuals and kill intersexed folks. I don’t believe we should incite violence but I’m tired of LGBT people becoming victims and targets or ignorant men and women and we do have the right to defend ourselves and feel safe. Something even as little as making clear inappropriate comments should be dealt with coming from straights. That’s what leads to this type of disgusting behavior. Everytime I meet at LGBT forums, conferences events, etc. I encourage LGBT people to take self defence classes, learn strategic fighting techniques and how to get out of dangerous situations as well as encouraging the community to really look out for, support and protect one another, always be aware of who and what is around you so we can get ourselves out of these types of situations because all we have is ourselves.

  3. Brian

    October 30, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Well, this could be one of two things and easily proven. King can submit to a paternity test, and if he passes, then Harris can be proud that she is carrying the returning Messiah, Jesus Christ. Either way, for a Harris it’s a win-win situation. Not trying to be funny but I believe Harris and I would put my stakes on King failing a paternity test.

  4. Charlette Harris

    October 29, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I am not only the victim, I am a survivor. Mr.King used his power and authority to persude me to go out to luch and he took advantage of me the first chance he could. I have had the same girlfriend for four years and she is standing by my side during this horrific time. I have a loving family and a great support system…I too agree, he needs to get a dna paternity test, to not exonnerate him but to prove me right..the truth has set me free.

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      October 29, 2010 at 2:23 pm

      Ms Harris,

      Thank you for adding to what we know about this horrific incident. When I read this, I was furious at what happened to you and had to restrain myself from being very vicious. I admit I may have been too neutral in my tone. I am glad that your girlfriend is standing by you, and I hope you are successful in dragging this man’s crimes into the light. I hope that LGR can help in some way. If nothing else, we can keep this story from fading and let the rest of our Community know what happened and how it goes.

      My heart is with you,
      Be well,