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Carl Paladino Walks Out Of Interview With WCAX’s Kristen Stewart

11/01/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for Governor in New York, stormed out of an interview with WCAX’s Kristen Stewart. In Paladino’s defense, it is surprising that Ms Stewart would have thought that Paladino would regret or consider any of his more controversial statements to be wrong. So far, Paladino has not regretted anything that he has said no matter how vulgar, threatening, racist, sexist or pornographic it has been. Ms Stewart asked the Republican candidate whether or not he regretted the comments he made about how Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was “Schumer’s little girl”, a statement that is sexist.

Of course Paladino does not regret what he said, and stated as much when he said “No, I don’t. I was referring to the fact that Miss Gillbrand seems to vote exactly as Mr. Schumer directs her to. She doesn’t show any mind of her own in voting. And that’s why I referred to her that way.”

When Ms Stewart tried to continue the interview and asked about how his statements could hurt his chances to get women voters on his side, Paladino stated “Well, you can make it whatever you want, Kristen.” Ms Stewart then tried to ask Paladino about his many insensitive remarks and how they were causing problems in the Republican Party, he grew upset and stated “Are we going to alk issues, or am I leaving you right now?”

Kristen Stewart then stated that she thought that they were talking about the issues, but Paladino just walked off at that point wishing her a good night and mumbling “I think we’re done talking to this lady.” It has been reported that Paladino later told one of his aids “She wants to talk trash, she can talk to somebody else.”

Paladino has tried to make anger into a political platform, but so far, he has managed to do little other than alienate large groups of people from the LGBT Community to women and beyond. For her part, Ms Stewart’s question’s were in bounds and were quite fair. They also did get after issues such as the treatment of women by the candidate.


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