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Christine O’Donnell on DWTS?

11/24/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
For a group of Christians opposed to anything that even whiffs of sinfulness, the Palins seem to be more than willing to exploit just about anything, including their own bodies, in order to try and get ahead. Now, Sarah Palin seems hellbent on getting Christine O’Donnell into the act with Dancing With The Stars after Bristol Palin lost so abysmally last night.

One insider gushed to PopEater

“Sarah is a genius at marketing herself and her message,” an insider tells me. “She doesn’t care about all the old rules about how political people are meant to behave and act. Sarah believes the best way is to go directly to the people — use Twitter, Facebook, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ to get potential voters excited and leave ‘Meet The Press’ and those boring Sunday morning shows to the old-school politicians.”

Yes, but even at that, Palin’s ability to actually get the voters out was not as great as it seemed with many a candidate such as Carly Fiorina and Christine O’Donnell going down in flames.

The same source also told PopEater:

“O’Donnell would fit right in,” said the source to PopEater. “She certainly would be so controversial that the amount of press attention and buzz the show would get would be huge. Plus, you know they would make her dance in a witch’s hat with a broomstick.”

ABC is at least willing to consider it, but whether or not it will happen and what kind of skimpy costumes she will wear while also advocating against masturbation and sex will have to be seen. She did send out a tweet in support of Bristol Palin, but Bristol still lost to Jennifer Grey.


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