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Head of Belgian Catholic Church: AIDS = Justice

11/04/10-by Chloe Springfield
What would you say to a man who says that AIDS is justice for gays? Now, what if that man also said pedophile priests should be spared punishment as that punishment would be a form of vengeance. Would you guess this apparently arrogant homophobe and defender of letting pedophiles go without punishment was a Archbishop?

Meet Andre-Joseph Leonard, the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium. Now in full defence as the world focuses on this latest bit of hate, fear and loathing from the Catholic faith. He’s claiming he didn’t say what he said and even if he had the quotes were taken out of context. Or it was misinterpreted by the media. No word yet over whether his dog ate the part of the book that said “O, I was kidding. Love them gays!”

Does your head hurt yet?

Oddly enough, not everyone is buying this fallback position. Among them, the Archbishop’s spokesman, Juergen Mettepenningen, resigned as a result of the “AIDS=Justice” position of the Archbishop. Oddly enough, the Archbishop is a conservative with close ties to Pope Benedict XVI.

Sources: Belgium website for the Catholic Church

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