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Lesbian Gets To Wear Tux For Graduation Picture

11/18/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Sarah Lloyd was given quite a gift from Crittenden County School Board in Arkansas. The seventeen year old senior will be allowed to take her graduation picture wearing a tuxedo. The move was not lauded by all, and Superintendent Don Johnston was hardly thrilled. He noted that the initial decision to not allow Ms Lloyd to wear a tux had to do with tradition. Men wear tuxes and women wear drapes.

He questioned “If we got away from that what would be next. Would we have someone who was a baseball player and say I want to take my picture wearing a uniform? Or someone who says I’m a cowboy. I want to wear a cowboy outfit.” Perhaps having the bigots wear dunces’ hats would be next.

Ms Lloyd did not want to break from tradition too much and wanted to wear formal clothing, just not the one that was traditionally associated with women. She said “I’m not trying to do anything drastic like wear a Mardi Gras outfit.” She has known that she was lesbian since around the third grade, and has never been comfortable in female clothing.

She also stated “I feel if I was wearing the drape I’d be someone that I wasn’t and I’m really not down for all that. I wanted to show the school I’m not out to please them and I am who I am. They just need to accept it.” She does hope that this win helps other lesbian and gay teens feel more comfortable being themselves.


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