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Retired General Hugh Shelton Voices Concerns About Rapid Repeal Of DADT

12/07/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Last night, Jon Stewart interviewed former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff retired General Hugh Shelton. In the extended part of the interview, Shelton, who was the second Chairman to enforce Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, voiced concerns regarding the repeal of DADT and whether or not it should be taken slowly. He picked up on the fact that many of the currently deployed combat units (Infantry and Marines) are resistant to repeal without noting that many of the currently non-deployed combat units are not resistant.

Shelton made mention of the fact that there is fear that the bonds between those in the combat units would be disrupted should DADT be repealed, but Stewart did not counter with the more obvious question of whether or not having to lie about who one is to one’s fellow soldiers in the combat unit is more disruptive towards unit cohesion if that is revealed than the lifting of the repeal will amount to. One possible way to get around the concerns about combat units is that DADT not be fully lifted until units come out of the combat theater in order to give those bonds time to heal from any potential bruising that could take place from someone coming out.

The interview itself is worth listening to, and is about fifteen minutes long. The part about DADT is around minute 11.

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