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Robin McGeHee Invited by White House to Attend Signing of Repeal of DADT

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Melanie Nathan, Dec 20-2010 – Brian Bond,   LGBT Affairs,  White House Senior Staffer, invited GetEQUAL’s Robin McGeHee to the White House after her release from arrest when she chained herself together with other activists to the White House Fence, under a call to action by the group which she directs, GetEQUAL.

McGehee made the bold deal that she would only talk on the record, no back room deals and full transparency.  Realizing that this would limit what Bond could say as well as the Counsel in attendance, Robin made sure that she was heard and ,ade some imperative demands on the part of the LGBT community, including going beyond the reach of the repeal of DADT.

Now, the highly controversial activist has been invited to the signing of the repeal indicating the effectiveness and importance of her role and that of her organization, GetEQUAL.

Robin has stated that she plans to attend:

“I am ONLY going to the DADT repeal signing to show Sebastian that standing up for what you believe in MATTERS. The time I was away from him and his sister will hopefully lead to a more EQUAL world.”

Robin, when at the White House meeting, pulled out a picture of her children and informed the meeting she was there for them.

Those who know Robin – can attest to her modesty and humbleness and the fact that she is not impressed by fanfare and flare.  So when she says ONLY – she is clear that her attendance is to see the work of GetEQUAL through to completion.

We are sure other activists have been invited as well.

Those who know the small Get EQUAL team can also attest to the fact that this recognition of their part flies well in the face of critics who are still doubtful of the importance of grass root action and civil disobedience in the American process.  Remember it was the President himself who urged Americans to get active and some answered the call.

Robin I have no doubt will attend this signing still in solidarity for all those who continue to be impacted by the lack of full equality.

To my binational readers – those who seek same sex green cards – Robin and GetEQUAL has her eye on your stories too and has been keen to mention UAFA and the idea of a Binational Visa at any give opportunity.


Organizations from Gay Inc. have been invited to attend including over 30 staff from HRC -

Also invited officially is Heather Cronk, A Director the Managing Director of  GetEQUAL.  Heather told LezGetReal:

“I’m honored to have been invited to the bill signing, but I know that the invitation wasn’t to me individually. I’ll be attending the bill signing on behalf of all those who have taken action throughout the past year — and throughout decades before this year — to relentlessly fight for their own equality. This invitation is in honor, and in memory, of all those who have been part of the fight against military discrimination, and I’m happy to be able to represent those who don’t take no for an answer. I’ll take all of those rabble-rousers into the room with me on Wednesday.”

By  Melanie Nathan

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2 Responses to Robin McGeHee Invited by White House to Attend Signing of Repeal of DADT

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  2. Becky

    December 20, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    400 people have been invited.  HRC is bringing 32 people.