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Virginia Governor Nixes National Guard DADT Even As Delegate Warns Of Blood Transfusions From Sodomites

12/21/10-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell apparently knows more about the law than, say, Delegate Bob Marshall, who plans to run for the Senate next cycle. Recently, Marshall wanted to reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for the Virginia National Guard, something that would be null and void the moment it was enacted anyway. Of course, Marshall said to WUSA9:

“It’s a distraction when I’m on the battlefield and have to concentrate on the enemy 600 yards away and I’m worried about this guy whose got eyes on me. If I needed a blood transfusion and the guy next to me had committed sodomy 14 times in the last month I’d be worried.”

Marshall does bring up a good point- when will the ban on gays being allowed to donate blood be lifted? It is an antiquated and rather idiotic policy given that our blood supply is suppose to be screened heavily for AIDS, and there are a lot of straight people who have that horrible disease.

Still, Governor McDonnell pointed out to WTOP radio:

“Whatever the final guidelines are from the Department of the Defense, I expect the Virginia National Guard Bureau to adhere to them. While I disagree with the action the Congress took based on my own experience in the military. We can’t have two different systems in the military and our National Guard.”

Marshall is the virulent bigot and homophobe who authored the state’s constitutional marriage bigotry amendment and outlawing civil unions of any kind. Of course, homophobic Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has refused to weigh in on the issue other than to say that if the bill is submitted to his office, he will review its legality. McDonnell is certainly not an LGBT friendly politician. This past February he revoked the discrimination protections of lesbian and state workers.

Talking Points Memo notes:

Congress repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which forbade openly gay men and women from serving in the military, last weekend. President Obama is scheduled to sign it into law tomorrow morning, but the law will not be repealed immediately. It won’t take effect until Obama, the defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff certify that the military is sufficiently prepared to repeal the policy. So far, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been tight-lipped on how long that might take.

It should not be surprising that some homophobes are working hard to find a way to reinstate DADT, and do not be surprised if the hate groups try to make its reinstatement an issue in 2012.

Here is Marshall on WUSA9

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