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Editor of Ugandan Tabloid which Outed Gays says Rolling Stone Will Defy Court Order

Tabloid Editor Admits anti-gay Agenda in defiance of Court Order.

Melanie Nathan – 01-05-2010; The Editor of Rolling Stone Tabloid in Uganda, issued a PRESS RELEASE Monday in retaliation to the Uganda  Court ruling, restraining the Tabloid from outing Gays and Lesbians.  The ruling, a victory for the Ugandan LGBT community, is more than Rolling Stone and the Ugandan supporters of anti-gay legislation can stand, and so they are lashing out at the community, inciting even more hate with Press Releases such as the one we have quoted below. After reading the Press Release, I called its author in Uganda and conducted an impromptu interview.

The Tabloid was also charged with having to compensate the victims whom it had outed on the front cover story we reported on last year.

PRESS RELEASE By Rolling Stone

Homos had a short-lived smile today morning after The Rolling Stone management announced it would appeal against a High Court ruling which “permanently restrains” the investigative newspaper from outing their pictures.

Homos sued Rolling Stone last November over a page one story titled “Pictures Of Uganda’s Top 100 Homos Leak.”

Court at 10:00am said the newspaper should give these self-confessed criminals shs4.5m as compensation for violating their right of privacy.

This was in total disregard of the fact that the shamed homos’ pictures had appeared on a gay-networking website –

Justice Kibuuka Musoke said in his ruling read by the court registrar that by quoting a church leader calling upon government to hang homos, the newspaper put the lives and dignity of these fellows at risk!!

Can a newspaper incite government against a homo? If this is not fantasy then what is it?

Hanging is done after the due process of the law has been followed. Simple facts.

We would have paid them but doing so is as good as “paying a tribute” to those who promote sexual identity confusion and related madness.

Our lawyers said the controversial ruling does not only condone but perpetuates immorality with impunity.

It further sets a dangerous precedent for the nation and future generations.

It also puts media freedom at stake.

The newspaper managers have resolved to register our grievance with the President’s office.

We remain strong that indeed in times of war, losses are expected.

The newspaper will fight homos on different fronts.

Our supporters should remain strong –the agents of the devil shall be defeated.

It’s a matter of time.

Sanity must prevail at all costs.

Issued by
Giles Muhame
Managing Editor,
Rolling Stone

My Interview with Giles Muhame, Managing Editor, Rolling Stone -

After reading his Press Release, I called Mr. Muhame, the Managing Editor of the Rolling Stone Publication in Uganda.  He was very friendly – greeted me like a long lost friend with a resounding, Happy New year.  I said,  “Sir I am surprised, you sound like a really nice person, so friendly;  He said “I am really nice,   people are demonizing me but that do not know I am a very nice person.” And so we continued…..

Melanie: Most people in the western world think your statement and what the tabloid has done is outrageous and so they assume you are not a nice person.

Muhame: I am confused, I do not understand why people are outraged by us putting those pictures on our magazine page. We did the right thing to show those pictures. The Tabloid will win the appeal. We must expose criminals.

The homos argued that their right of privacy- had been breached when we published their pictures – but we must reveal these criminals to protect our children, Homosexuality is spreading like wildfire and we must stop it.  The parliament is trying to strengthen the weak law.

Melanie: Do you base the idea of immorality that you speak of in your Press release on religion?

Muhame: No Homosexuality is illegal – and that if a person is caught in the act, they can be arrested.  That is how the law is now.   The new legislation which we hope will receive quick passage as soon as February, will tighten the weak law.  The law is based on immorality for an  ACT committed against the order of nature.”  The new law will tighten this to refer to homosexuality in more specific terms and to criminalize it with stiff penalties.

Melanie: What about people leaving Uganda; the law would say they must be extradited back to Uganda; why not help the people get out of Uganda,  I have an idea- why not simply say – leave Uganda and we will organize your safe passage with other countries willing to rescue you. Then help the gays and lesbians and transgender people board planes of foreign countries to  leave as refugees?

Muhame: (Laughed)  If a person comes OUT and says they are gay or we  find that out, under the new proposed law, then they are confessing to a crime.  So how can we help the criminal to leave?  The order of nature says that men must sleep with women and make children.  Uganda must look after its people and curb immorality. So it must be a serious crime.

Melanie: What if one of your children were gay – and the law was in place including the hanging sentence- how would you handle that:

Muhame: I will have no problem to follow the law. The law is the law. I will give my child to the authorities and will let it be what must be – if  he must go to Jail or hang that will be fine if he is homo. If the law is there the homo should be hanged -he will pay the price. They will have to go to prison.

Melanie: Are you concerned that the USA and Western States may have to pull embassies, businesses, employees out of Uganda to safeguard against the possibility of committing a crime through employment of Gay and lesbian employees; and are you concerned about the economic impact of possible boycotts?

Muhame: We are not a colony anymore – we are independent. Soon we will have enough of our own oil and we will not need America or outside Countries. We are self sufficient and we will be okay, That is not a threat for us.  If America stops the AID we will be fine. We can work harder- we do not need America.

Melanie: So you are not at all concerned about your standing in the International community and people of Uganda will be fine with isolation?

Muhame: I am not a member of the Government but I know I speak what the people understand and people call us the Nazis of Africa and the Gays are the JEWS of Africa. They call themselves that to get sympathy.

Melanie: What harm do the Ugandans think Gays can cause in Uganda; why is it not possible to leave he Gays alone to their privacy between consenting adults?

Muhame: We cherish the traditional family. Homos spread aids and have orgies and are drug addicts.  There are higher mortality rates and increasing because of homos. We have big problems of poverty in Uganda.

Melanie:  Is poverty is the fault of  the homosexuals?

Muhame: Yes, of course.

Melanie: Do you realize that Hitler and the Nazis blamed the Jews in Germany for the economic problems and that was a justification for the Genocide?

Muhame: But here in Uganda we think that homosexuals are very few so the country can do without them. It will not matter if we take them out of society. The future of our kids is at stake. Homosexuality is illegal so if you commit a crime you have done an illegal act so we want to put them in jail and not let them out.

Melanie:  So what is your plan if you loose the case on appeal?

Muhame:  Rolling Stone Tabloid had plans for a campaign to drum up support for the (kill gays) Bill and we will not be afraid to lose our liberty and to publish the picture of the homos again even if the Court says we cannot.   I will go to Jail for the people of Uganda.

Rolling stone must continue with its plan- to help our people even if we risk our own liberty. I am prepared to go to jail but I will continue to publish picture and OUT more Homos.

Rolling stone will support all the candidates in the election that support the new homo bill and we will give the magazines for free to all the schools when the kids get back to school. When the students come back to school and Universities, we are going to defy the order of Court and we decided  that we will hold demonstrations and drum up support for the bill to be passed as soon as possible.
We will sacrifice our liberty we going against the order of God.  We will publish their pictures without fear from the courts.  I am willing to go to Jail.

Our constitution empowers the people – if they do not want homo they can fight for it that is our decision. Mainstream media is soft so Rolling Stone will do something to help the people of Uganda.

At the end of the conversation – and there was a lot more, we decided to remain in touch.  I promised Muhame that I would try to answer his question if he promised to publish it unedited in Uganda’s Rolling Stone Magazine – I would provide the answer to “WHY is America Outraged by the Outing of gays in their Magazine.”  He said he would be willing to listen.

At the end of the conversation I asked him if he would like to hear about my life. I told him I was born in South Africa, that I had been against the apartheid Government, how I supported Nelson Mandela and then the clinger – about my life in the USA, my work and my children and their achievements.  I then said I would give him permission to OUT me on his tabloid… that I had not fear because I believed that I had conducted my life with a strong sense of morality and that my Country allowed me to live openly as a lesbian.

He said he respected the discussion and that he would be open to hearing more from me about my side.

What I got from this conversation and from the underground sources that I have in Uganda, is that the situation is very serious and there is a good chance that the antigay bill can pass.  The people of Uganda are very far gone in their indoctrination and accordingly, the Western World had better come up with a plan, as a matter of urgency or lives will be lost to legalized hate that will follow.

Posted by Melanie Nathan

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7 Responses to Editor of Ugandan Tabloid which Outed Gays says Rolling Stone Will Defy Court Order

  1. Bart Hermans

    January 7, 2011 at 5:58 am

    Pardon me for living, but this is my world too
    I can’t help if what’s natural might be strange to you
    Pardon me for breathing, can we borrow some of your air ?
    The problem with you and your kind is you don’t know love is there
    You think that if… you tell enough lies they will see the truth
    I hope they bury your old ideas the same time they bury you
    Pardon us for caring, we didn’t know it was against the rules
    If we only want to love one another, then tell me now : who’s the fool ?

    (Prince, 1990)

  2. Hajat Salma

    January 6, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Thanks for this great interview! Really well done! 
    Why did you need to cover his face in the picture? To protect him from the “criminal gays who terrorize their country”?

    • Melanie Nathan

      January 6, 2011 at 11:37 am

      I covered his face because that guy in the photo is not Mulame- but rather a member of the community holding the paper to photograph it for me. I did not want him to have any exposure as all he is doing is accommodating the photo.

  3. Camden

    January 6, 2011 at 2:18 am

    What an incredible interview. Thank you for taking such initiative. Something must be done…

  4. Grace

    January 5, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    I admire the interviewers courage in tackling such an odious person, but I feel that he made a number of outrageous claims; which he could have been pressed on to justify or back up with some um, facts.
    For example:

    “Homos spread aids and have orgies and are drug addicts.”

    Also, if as he says “homosexuals are very few ” why is he so bothered by them?
    What a hysterical witch hunt.
    Welcome to the middle ages Mr Muhame, you will fit right in.

    • Melanie Nathan

      January 5, 2011 at 5:56 pm

      Thanks @Grace- Actually I did take him to task and did not include that in the interview post- because I wanted the raw feed – if you will. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am quite capable of leaving Journalist integrity at the door- I am NOT a journalist – never taken a single class – merely a blogger with Blogger’s license/ – That said I will be glad to go back to my notes and give more of my discussion. I also wanted to maintain an open line with him, because he has offered to look more into my assertions and my side of the argument – which we discussed in detail.

      I came away feeling that I would get nowhere with him. I wanted more than an interview. I wanted an acquiescence. I waited until the end to tell him I am lesbian and prior to doing that I told him a lot about myself. Only then did he seem willing to consider there is another POV. But ultimately in Uganda they are rooted in the CRIME. He says it is already a crime but it IS subject to interpretation. So they win if they make it certain with the Bahati Legislation. Take away room for interpretation on the “natural order law.”

      Ok so when he said that gays have orgies and do drugs and give aids. I asked him how many people in Uganda had contracted AIDS from rape and heterosexual sex? I asked him how many people did drugs. I asked him how many straight people molested children. I challenged him to get me the stats as well as the actual numbers of the gays that he can tell are spreading like wild fire. He said he would get back to me.

      I asked him if he would be comfortable with same gender couples living together without having sex? He side skirted and said that not okay because they must reproduce!!! More later

  5. CanuckJacq

    January 5, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    I love how he says it’s not about religion but his press release is full of religious imagery.