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Gay Intern Credited With Saving Rep. Giffords’ Life

01/09/11-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Daniel Hernandez is credited with saving the life of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, and he is one of ours, so to speak. The openly gay man had been an intern for Giffords for just five days when the shooting happened killing six and wounding some fourteen, including the Arizona Representative. There are some reports that Hernandez has training as a nurse. He rushed to her side even before the bullets had stopped firing. He is currently a junior at the University of Arizona.

He told ABC New’s Christiane Amanpour

“I had to lift up the congresswoman because she was severely injured, and I wanted to make sure that she was able to breathe okay because there was so much blood.”

“”If you can hear me Gabby just grab my hand to let me know that you’re okay’. It was probably not the best idea to run toward the gunshots, but people needed help.”

The interview begins around the five minute mark on the video.

According to AfterElton, Hernandez is also a member of the City of Tucson’s Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues, and has called Giffords “a great ally to the LGBT community.”

They quote the Arizona Republic as saying that

“Hernandez was standing near Giffords during the “Congress on Your Corner” event when the gunfire began. After running toward the sound of the shots, Hernandez assisted the injured by checking for pulses, and when he reached Giffords, he applied pressure to the gunshot wound on her forehead, then pulled her into his lap so she was upright and wouldn’t choke on her blood.”

Giffords is still in danger for her life, but the prognosis is at least fairly good. Six people in total died in the shooting including a nine year old girl, a minister at a Christ the King Church, a Federal Judge, and one of Giffords’ staffers. Two retirees were also killed.


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