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Bishop Eddie Long In Trouble Again

Melanie Nathan Feb 05, 2011

Eddie Long's Estate

Bishop Eddie Long, founder and operator of his New Birth Church, finds himself in yet another big scandal. This one could be the one that has him deep water like glacier to Titanic; video gaming machines and kickbacks to Bishop Long.
Fox 5 Atlanta has exposed Bishop Long’s promotional quest involving one Ephren Taylor who Long introduced to the members of his church as “his friend and brother,” assisting Taylor to make a financial presentation about investing in his video game machines.

Parishioners invested in excess of a million dollars, at their bishop’s recommendation, and found that Ephren Taylor’s company that sold them the sweepstakes game machines has now been indicted for operating a gambling enterprise.
Bishop Long, seeking restitution for his flock, made a video, imploring Taylor to return the funds.

“A lot of individuals, as well as a lot of companies, had a lot of money tied up in what I believe to be illegal gambling in the state of Virginia,” said Virginia Beach prosecutor Harvey Bryant.

The bishop claims he has made appeals to Ephren Taylor to return all the investors money. And then he added, “I want you to know New Birth, received, nor myself, any financial blessing or gift from Ephren Taylor.” Taylor claims that is simply not true. He wrote New Birth Missionary Church received a cut of all sales of his books and CD’s sold at the church. Long responded by saying that all money received was to defray expenses.

One can only wonder how much it costs to share a pulpit with another scammer.

Bishop Long is no stranger to scandal as we know the last big one involved his sexual conduct with three young men from the Church.

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3 Responses to Bishop Eddie Long In Trouble Again

  1. WestCoaster

    February 10, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Please stay in school Shaun. AND LEARN ENGLISH ALREADY!!

  2. sirwinston1941

    October 23, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    We all know far from the truth of lies that has been told by Eddie Long; one you can’t beleive or even trust. He had something to do with his congregation making investments; he huged this guy and welcome him to make his case; then the congragation gave or invested with this guy and Long was center-stage. If man can’t confront his congregation head-on with the truth about his involvement with youngmen; then, would you exspect him to be honest with his congregation about the investment they made? This is another story, Long faced his congregation again and down-played he was not involved and got no money, lies that he told again and then said something that the money NB got was to defry the cost. A man who has not stood up and faced his congregation cannot be a leader of nothing. Oh, the cloths, building, cars, they are all material things that don’t go nowhere with you; merely, left behind for someone else to enjoy. All of the finance taken from the congregations, be they old, rich, poor or even homelessness trying to do the right things, and yet, watch a man live high on a hot looking down at the poor say’s a lot about a man calling himself a Bishop! Things get old, weak and this spoil the image and love for one and other; our silent on issues is merely a sign of hurt and pain because one cannot understand a man who lead them down a road that at this point….wasn’t going anywhere from the beginning! You did not matter as a member; but your dollars did….from the beginning and this is how most church survive from the dollars of other and that person continue to live high, eat good and come to just get more funds to continue. Now, wee see him, Long back in the news again for another deed of bad jester done to his own congregation…and he supported it! As a NB member, you can tell which way the mighty winds are blowing; if you did not feel the breeze, then you know, it is not blowing in your favor or either your way! This is a very sad case about a man to claim to be a Bishop and merely less than a man based on his willingness to be honesty first, with God, secondly himself,and third, his wife and congregation!

  3. shaun conner

    April 3, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    bishop long this ? bishop long is haveing young men at his house and takeing them on trips what should we say about you and what done to people god see every trap you trying to set for him if he done anything just let god do his work in him but most of all just leave him alone it time for change for every one who is reading and feeding in bad news were is the angel in you be bless in the name of god