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Don’t Touch My Maid!

Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle

03-02-2011 by L. S. Carbonell

Tea Party, meet Reality. Reality, meet the Tea Party. After all the months of anti-immigration rhetoric on the right, after all the battles over Arizona’s “papers, please” law, Texas finally entered the fray, and prompted acknowledged the facts. Illegal immigrants do the work no red-blooded American wants to do.

State Representative Debbie Riddle, a Tea Party favorite, has introduced a bill that would imprison those who hire illegals for up to two years and levy a $10,000 fine on them, unless they illegal were hired for household chores – maids, gardeners, caretakers, nannies, cooks, etc. Why the exemption? According to Republican Rep. Aaron Pena, speaking with CNN, “When it comes to household employees or yard workers, it is extremely common for Texans to hire people who are likely to be undocumented workers. It is so common, it is overlooked.”

Riddle’s chief of staff, Jon English, said the exemption was necessary to avoid “stifling the economic engine.” This controversy has surfaced just as Texas is celebrating its independence from Mexico in 1836, an event instigated by the Americans who refused to give up their slaves after settling in Mexican territory.

Rep. Debbie Riddle is the official who claimed that “FBI officials” had told her that Middle Eastern women were coming to America as tourists to have babies which were automatic American citizens and then returning to their home countries to raise baby terrorists, an idea the FBI flatly refutes. Citizenship is not automatic for the child of a tourist from anywhere. When CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressed her for some proof of her campaign statements in an interview, she whined “They did not tell me you were going to grill me on specific information that I was not ready to give to you tonight. They did not tell me that, sir.” Whoever “they” were, they should have told her to stick to Fox News. Hannity will accept anything without verification. Her allegations fed into the hysteria about “anchor babies” – children of illegal immigrants who do have citizenship because they were born here. Thousands of middle- and upper-class Mexican women living along the border come into the United States for prenatal care and birthing because of the superior medical facilities. They don’t stay and they don’t claim citizenship for their children, but their presence tilts the so-called “anchor baby” statistics to reinforce the hysteria.

With the exemptions that Riddle wrote into the bill, Texas would only prosecute farmers and ranchers, contractors, food processors, and service companies like the floor cleaners that one Walmart hired a few years ago. Hitting farmers and ranchers would have far more impact on the Texas “economic engi” than going after nannies. Most farms hire migrants, which is an entry-level situation for illegals.

There are an estimated 11 million illegals in this country. The hate mongers have portrayed them as coming here to get on welfare and Social Security and live off the hard-working American taxpayer. This bill is the first acknowledgment by the right that illegals have become a necessary part of our economy, have always been a part of our economy and getting rid of them will not help our economy one bit.


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One Response to Don’t Touch My Maid!

  1. DB

    March 3, 2011 at 8:31 am

    I live in Texas and I’m pretty sure I’d be headed for prison under this bill. In fact, there’s a good chance Rep. Riddle would also be headed for prison. This could be the first time in history that a legislator passed a law that got them sent to prison.