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Japan Continues To Struggle With After Effects Of Tripple Disasters

03/27/11-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
The emergency at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant continues onward with hundreds of Japanese citizens turning out to protest against nuclear power and the Japanese government losing patience with the executives of Tokyo Electric Power Company in a disaster that could result in the necessity of moving the nation’s capitol back to the city of Kyoto, which was home of the Emperor until 1869.

Takashi Kurita, a spokesman for TEPCO, indicated that the reading that indicated that radiation levels coming from Unit 2 at the Dai-Ichi plant had hit 10 million times higher than normal in the cooling system was not valid. He stated “The number is not credible. We are very sorry.” Officials were busy taking another sample, but not number is going to be available right away.

The reading caused an evacuation of the plant. Even though they have stated that the water is contaminated with radiation, the contamination is not that bad.

Meanwhile, the government is hitting a point where they are fed up with the lack of information coming to them from TEPCO. Many Japanese citizens are already furious at how TEPCO has handled the situation.

Still, government spokesman Yukio Edano is ‘almost certain’ that the radiation is coming from a crack in one of the reactor cores. He stated “We have somewhat prevented the situation from turning worse. But the prospects are not improving in a straight line and we’ve expected twists and turns. The contaminated water is one of them and we’ll continue to repair the damage.”

The death toll from the magnitude 9 earthquake and the tsunami that hit the coast stands at 10,688 with more than 16,574 missing. It is unclear how many of the missing will be found.

In Myanmar, the site of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake, seventy-five people have been officially declared dead, though reports are that there are up to 150 dead. Damage was limited in Laos and Thailand, but it is hard to gauge the damage that happened in Myanmar where the military dictatorship has been less than forthcoming in their information.




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