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Hip-Hop DJ Arrested For Publicly Getting It In With Transgendered Man

04/05/2011 – by Cynthia S. Wright

Mister Cee

One of New York’s Hot 97 DJ’s, Mister Cee (government name: Calvin Lebrun) was arrested last Wednesday for taking part in a public sex act involving 20 year-old transgendered prostitute, Lawrence Campbell.

Gay has reported that the two men were engaging in public sex in Manhattan’s West Village, known by police as the location where men go to engage in gay sex.  Not a smart move, if the DJ wanted to keep his illicit rendezvous under wraps.

Although, this wasn’t the first time that the DJ has been linked with said activity. Gossip queen, Wendy Williams alluded to another incident involving Cee and another transgendered man during her radio show on Kiss FM back in 2007.

Cee of course is denying the whole incident and took to defending himself on his Twitter account.

“Time to clear my name NY. Stand Up Brooklyn they shootin (Haters) this is my city you can’t hurt me lets gooooooooo.”

The problem is why does Cee need to take to defending his honor? Even though, engaging in said act publicly is illegal – whom he chooses to engage with is his own business and not something that needs to be justified. Unfortunately, in hip-hop and the extremist machismo that governs its way of thinking, Cee feels he needs to protect his manliness.  Even so, it seems that even with Cee’s denial, along with famed DJ’s Funkmaster Flex (who works at Hot 97) and Ed Lover coming out in support of Cee’s innocent – the damage may already be done.

During his recent tweets, Cee also alluded to the “rumored” NYPD squad that seems to be attacking hip-hop stars and DJ’s.

“Time to get this sh*t cleared up so make it quick cause I ain’t feeling this Twitter sh*t NYPD has a detective squad after all Rappers & DJ’S.”

How the NYPD would benefit by attacking DJ’s – remains to be seen.

What seems to be clear though, that this incident, more than likely, will be etched in Cee’s legacy. Should this shadow a DJ, that at one time scratched for the likes of Big Daddy Kane and served as associate executive producer on Ready to Die, the debut album of Notorious B.I.G., an album considered a classic by old and new hip-hop heads alike. Cee’s perceived sexual orientation shouldn’t but in an industry rife with homophobic tendencies, along with with how Cee is conducting himself during this particular time shows how far hip-hop has to go to even consider anyone being openly gay within their ranks.

DADT has nothing on the secrecy and shame of hip-hop homophobia – hopefully that will soon change.



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