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Ryan Sorba- Change What We Call Gays And Other Clueless Issues With The Anti-Gay Movement

04/18/11-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
We have to stop using the word ‘gay’ to describe people because- GASP!- that gives them an identity. Perhaps we should stop using the term Christian and start calling them ‘bigoted individuals who are obsessed with the sexual relations that other people have’ or ‘patriarchal misogynists who would rather see women die painful deaths than acknowledge that the Bible was wrong on something’, or ‘idiots who believe a book that was edited greatly in the 1600′s.’

It seems that many people forget that the identity Christian is separate from their body. There is nothing in one’s body that makes one Christian, or for that matter any religion, but Ryan Sorba seems to be of the opinion that being Christian is in one’s DNA the same way that having brown hair and white skin is. Simply put, Sorba is trying to figure out a way to avoid dealing with the issue of same-sex attraction and the fact that many people are attracted to people of the same sex. He is looking for a way to strategize and defeat LGBT rights by changing what people are called as if rights are determined only by one’s genetic makeup.

Well, I have news for him, if he looks at the history of what lesbians and gays have been called over the centuries, he might realize that trying to go back to the older terms won’t work, and trying to say any variety of other things is just too clunky. Try is- same-sex attraction…wow, sounds clunky, huh? Or ‘person who engages in same-sex intercourse.’ That one’s really clunky. Want to go for ‘sodomite’? That’s going to get you REALLY far Mr. Sorba.

At issue here is the fact that Sorba’s entire argument is the procreative nature of the human body, and that humans are not separate from their own bodies. What he sounds like is someone who hasn’t figure out how to have an actual argument about this particular issue. His entire argument is circular, and easily derailed.

In nature, animals who engage in lifelong pairings still manage to have offspring through selective short term mating with members of the opposite sex. Humans have managed to cut out the need to have sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex to have children. Simply put, lesbians and gays procreate every day, but unlike straights, they don’t do so by rutting around in the back of a car without a condom on and hoping that they don’t have to go home and tell their parents that they were stupid and got knocked up. Lesbians and gays have to choose very carefully and plan very carefully to have children.

While there was some debate over the notion of what causes same-sex attraction, over a hundred years ago, even the founder of psychoanalysis and modern psychology Dr. Sigmund Freud admitted that homosexual attraction was innate to the person and could not be changed. He believed that the only way to effectively help someone who was lesbian or gay was to help them accept that it was normal and part of who they were.

Maybe Sorba would like to actually do some reading up on the research, but from the sounds of the people he is preaching to, they don’t believe anything that doesn’t help them prove that being lesbian or gay is wrong, evil and horrible.

Sorba is right, he who controls the terms controls the debate. The problem for Sorba now is that terms like ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, and even ‘queer’ no longer have negative connotations, and the debate over terminology was lost to his side several generations back. Sorry, but trying to change the terminology now means that you will sound like a rank homophobe.

So- go ahead and use the terms that you really want to use- go ahead, we will think less of you if you want to use ‘fag’, ‘sodomite’, and all the rest. Go on…you know that’s what you want to do Mr. Sorba. You want to use the words that show you to be what you really are- a bigot and a homophobe.

And a tip of the hate to Tim H. Thanks for sending us the video’s link.



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