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New York 26th Special Election Just Keeps Getting Better

05-10-2011 by Linda S. Carbonell

Kathy Hochul

On Monday, before glad-handing with billionaires in the evening, House Speaker John Boehner was in Depew, New York, helping raise funds for Jane Corwin, who is running for the Congressional seat vacated by disgraced, bare-chested e-mailer Chris Lee. While he was doing that, a new poll showed that Democrat Kathy Hochul is leading both Corwin and tea partier Jack Davis.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has endorsed Kathy Hochul and is planning on traveling to northwestern New York to campaign for her. Until now, Sen. Gillibrand has been the only major Democratic figure in the state to take an interest in this race, which conventional wisdom said was a shoo-in for any Republican with a pulse. That is, it was a shoo-in until the Tea Party got invovled. The 26th is beginning to resemble New York’s 23rd which went to a Democrat because of a tea party candidate. Senator Chuck Shumer is also planning to campaign for Hochul this weekend.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Gillibrand announced her plans to campaign for Hochul during an awards luncheon. She was the recipient of the Champion of Choice award from NARAL. Hopefully, Hochul is as strong an advocate for women’s reproductive rights as Gillibrand. We need all the help we can get in the House of Representatives.

American Crossroads, that little money group partly started by Karl Rove, has put out $650,000 for ads attacking Hochul to run between now and the May 24th special election. Between the ad buy and Boehner visiting, Democrats are seeing the Republicans in panic mode. Tea Party candidates are hard enough for them when the run as Republicans. As third party candidates, they have been a disaster for the Republicans.

Republicans have been scrambling since the Ryan Budget was revealed. Every time John Boehner insists that “raising taxes is off the table” he’s harming his own party because 80% of Americans support raising taxes on the rich. He says that raising taxes or eliminating any subsidies to big corporations would kill jobs, but they aren’t creating jobs with all these tax breaks. The argument that eliminating the subsidies for oil companies would put gas prices above the $4 a gallon mark just got shot down by the news that the number crunchers say ending the $38 billion in subsidies would only raise gas prices $0.016 per gallon. Speculators did more damage than that without a reason.

The New York 26th may be the beginning of the end of the latest effort by the Republican Party to turn America into Syria – a one-party nation.




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