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Three Prominent Leaders Detained At Moscow Gay Rally

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By AJ Allen  28 May 11 – Breaking news – Three prominent gay rights leaders; Dan Choi, Andy Thayer and France’s Louis-George Tin, have been detained by police in Moscow.

Violence broke out today as hundreds attended an unsanctioned rally near the Kremlin Wall. The  rally went ahead in defiance to the banned Moscow Gay Pride which had been planned for today.

Rainbow flags were waved as violence erupted between the police and demonstrators. British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said that police had tried to arrest him but he had managed to get away.

Louis-George Tin saìd: ‘We are asking the Council of Europe to withdraw Russia’s right to vote as it doesn’t respect lesbian and gay human rights.’

There will be more on this news story as it happens.



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One Response to Three Prominent Leaders Detained At Moscow Gay Rally

  1. AJ Allen

    May 29, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Update 29 May 11 : The human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell reports from Moscow after another year of conflicts between police, Neo-Nazis and gay rights campaigners. It is the sixth attempt by gay rights groups to hold a parade in the city. He said:

    ‘ We witnessed a high level of fraternisation and collusion between Neo-Nazis and the Moscow Police. I saw Neo-Nazis leave and re-enter on police buses parked on Tverskaya Street by City Hall.

    ‘Our suspicion is that many of the Neo-Nazis were actually plain clothed police officers who did to us what their uniformed colleagues dared not to do in front of the world’s media. Either that, or the police were effectively facilitating right wing extremists with transport to the protests.

    ‘I went to City Hall to protest but was separated from our Gay Pride group. Neo-Nazis identified me for attack. Being alone and with the police refusing to protect us, I had to escape down side streets and alleyways to avoid a beating. A total of 18 gay rights protesters – 15 of them Russian- were arrested, as they trıed to stage the banned Moscow Gay Pride parade.

    ‘ Several more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) campaigners were arrested outside City Hall.

    ‘ Dan Choi, a US military officer who was dismissed from the American armed forces because of his homosexuality, was violently manhandled by police. He was arrested to the ground and punched. He has some minor injuries.

    ‘ All 18 of those arrested were released by 6pm Moscow time on Saturday.’