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Colbert Makes Fun Of Man on Dolphin Sex Comment By O’Reilly

06/29/11-by Bridgette P. LaVictoire

Bill O’Reilly should, well, take a page out of the book of Rick Santorum…or at least learn from Santorum’s past mistakes. Simply put, you don’t go around invoking man on anything sex when discussing homosexuality. Of course, Stephen Colbert couldn’t pass this one up, and went after O’Reilly on that very subject.

Still, when it comes right down to it, should polygamy and polyandry be legal? Well, yes, so long as all parties agree to that marriage. There is no evidence of it harming society. Should people be allowed to legally marry animals? Well, no. Has anyone been able to find an animal that can legally sign its name to a contract and understand what that contract means?

So, when fear is used to attack people, it is not really going to work unless you have a reasonable fear, and the fact that the anti-gay groups have gotten to the absurd means that they can’t fear monger any more.



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