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Former KKK Member John Abarr Wants To Run As Republican For Montana Congress Seat

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06/05/2011 – by Cynthia S. Wright

Well, if you never had a reason NOT to go to Montana. If former KKK member, John Abarr runs under the Republican Congress ticket and wins – you will definitely have found your reason.

What does that mean exactly?

Former KKK + Congress = attempt of eradication of homosexuals, minorities and pretty much anything that doesn’t scream pure and Caucasian. Abarr, who has been upfront and honest about his allegiances to the KKK is making it is one of his big goals to purify the “realm of Montana” by attempting to deport gay men, lesbians and Jews (he didn’t mention people of color but one could safely assume, we’re lumped in there as well).

“It’s not any different than the NAACP. The Klan is basically a civil rights organization that stands up for the rights of white people. The Montana Human Rights Network likes to blow everything out of proportion.”

Somehow it didn’t occur to Abarr to go research the course of American history because when are the rights of white people not in play? After all, was it those protected by the KKK the ones that had their land taken from them when the settlers from Europe arrived on American soil? Where they the ones taken from Africa and forced into slavery or segregation? Yet, their rights are the ones that need to be stood up for? Although, the KKK is known for using any means possible to keep those they posed as a threat in line – it is hard to believe that the Montana Human Rights Network would blow their doings out of proportion.

It has been reported by The Advocate that Abarr is not viewed favorable by most in the Montana Republican Part. GOP Chairman, James Parker Shield told the magazine that the Republicans wouldn’t help Abarr in anyway, in fact they would look for someone to run against him, if he decided to pursue the seat.



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One Response to Former KKK Member John Abarr Wants To Run As Republican For Montana Congress Seat

  1. Sarah McB

    June 5, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    First Bachmann idolizes Hitler, now the KKK wants into a republican Congress seat… hmmm…. something fishy is going on in this country!