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GOProud Not Invited To CPAC

31 July 2011
by Bridgette P. LaVictoire

Thou shall not attend!

The anti-gay LGBT Conservative group GOProud has been informed by the Conservative Political Action Conference that they will not be welcome in 2012. This is not surprising given the controversy that hit CPAC this year. The ultraconservative John Birch Society will also not be there, but that is alright since there are likely to be enough other loonies there to cover for them.

The decision was made in a full vote by the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. The ACU organizes and hosts CPAC. Representatives for both groups were notified by mail Friday.

Last convention was fraught with controversy over the attendance of GOProud, and that included when GOProud’s chairman called ACU board member Cleta Mitchell “a nasty bigot”. According to the Daily Mail, “the John Birch Society’s sensationalist accusations (such as saying Dwight Eisenhower was a “dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy“) once prompted William F. Buckley to effectively banish the group from the conservative movement.”

Last year, ACU Chairman David Keene left, and he was replaced by Al Cardenas who wanted to revisit the decisions to allow both of those organizations to attend the group.

According to ACU communications director Kristy Campbell “As Chairman [Al] Cardenas said following his election [as chairman of the ACU], given controversies surrounding a few CPAC 2011 co-sponsors, we would take a look at what would be the most appropriate path going forward. “Given the concerns raised by a number of our Board members,” she said, “Chairman Cardenas exercised his option to take these issues to a vote of the Board — which has been done in the past.”

Individuals from both groups are welcome, but the groups themselves are no longer to have a sponsorship role. The 2012 CPAC is to happen in DC next February.



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