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Nancy Botwin a Lesbian??

Robert Stover Jr.


Showtime’s hit dramedy Weeds is back and better than ever.  After Nancy took extreme measures to make sure her family, and herself, were safe at the end of season six’s finale, no one knew what she would do next.  Would she live out her manslaughter charges in jail and change her ways?  Would Doug and Andy find a way to break her out and smuggle her to Copenhagen?  Would her Mexican drug cartel husband find a way to assassinate her inside the prison walls?

Airing on Monday June 27th, Weeds has shocked it’s worldwide fans yet again, with it’s overly unpredictable season premier.

3 years after she gave herself up for a murder committed by her youngest son Shane, Nancy is in jail and her family has gone European.  It doesn’t seem that Copenhagen is treating the Botwin gang as well as Andy said it would, and the kids are still depressed and miserable as ever.  Silas is living as an unsuccessful model, and Shane has become a heartbroken puppeteer.  Not to mention that Andy and Doug are still working their usual scams to make money.

However, none of this is revealed until after the most surprising season premier event in Weeds history.  Nancy is told she is being let out of prison on parole after only 3 years of her stay in prison.  Confused after the parole hearing, she is sent back to her cell, to collect her things, where she is met by her cell mate, a  young foreign woman who is in for murder.  On her way out she is stopped by the cell mate for a good bye kiss that is more than just “friendly”.  Who would have thought?  After a list of dangerous male lovers proceeding the death of her husband, no one saw that one coming.  Guess she made the most out of being in prison.

The seasons first episode is full of surprises.  But, yet again, there are many questions a true Weeds fan would be asking throughout the whole episode.  Where is, and what happened to Celia?  And what is with those damn oven-mits?

You can catch the season premier, “Bags,” rerun on Saturday July 2nd at 1pm, and the episode 2 premier on Monday July 4th at 10pm.

New episodes premier every Monday night at 10pm on Showtime.



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