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Self-Deluding Right Think Anti-Gay Will Help Bachmann Win

18 July 2011
by Bridgette P. LaVictoire

Marcus and Michele Bachmann are, of course, correct about something. Being lesbian or gay is a bleak and dreary existence…what they forget to mention is that this is only true if you happen to live your life in the closet. Those of us who live our lives openly and out of the closet find our lives to be far better and happier than they were while we were hiding them.

There is a history of self delusion on the part of the anti-gay political and social movement. Part of that is the idea that homosexuality is a choice. To a certain degree, yes, it is a choice. A lesbian or gay can choose to be miserable and married to someone that they do not like all the while engaging in dangerous behaviors such as unprotected sexual encounters with random individuals, or they can choose to live in the open and have a real shot at a happy monogamous relationship.

The other self delusion that is going on right now is that opposition to marriage equality is, somehow, going to play well with the American audience. Yes, it will play very well with the base, and it is likely that Michele Bachmann will win the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, but let us also be clear, that advantage comes to an end in New Hampshire, and it is going to be rather abrupt.

Recently, Representative Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum signed a 14-point pledge crafted by Bob Vander Plaats of the FAMiLY Leader. That pledge says that being gay is a choice and a public health risk. Of course, what they tend to ignore is that choosing not to be gay is the health risk because it leads people to having risky se.

Maggie Gallagher recently stated “The more that they attack Michele Bachmann on these grounds, the better her chances of winning the Iowa caucuses are. The Iowa base is extremely upset about same-sex marriage and I don’t think they’re going to look kindly on these attacks.”

Yes, the Iowan Christian-Fundamentalist-Theocratic base is upset over same-sex marriage. The rest of the population…not so much. What is more, by the time the caucus actually happens in 2012, Iowa will have had same-sex marriages for three years beginning in 2009, and it is unlikely to be the big issue that anyone other than the most hardened homophobes and bigots will really care about in Iowa. The longer nothing happens the less chance the National Organization for Marriage has for scaring people.

Human Rights Campaign communications director Michael Cole-Schwartz stated “We’re going to be looking for opportunities to get her record and her rhetoric out there.” He also said “Michele Bachmann is the very definition of a target-rich environment, and given her husband’s positions and things she’s said in past she’s going to have a really hard time appearing as a reasonable mainstream candidate.” That is, of course, if the HRC does anything useful like actually run an effective campaign since they have tended to not be on the ball while fighting NOM in the past, such as in Maine.

Still, Republicans are starting to turn away from the ardent social conservatives such as those who have refused to sign Vander Plaats’ pledge. Many of those same politicians are already turning their back on the Iowa Caucus and focusing on New Hampshire where fiscal conservatives are more common.

If anything, the battle over marriage equality and homosexuality could do significant damage to the Republican Party as it will likely split in two over this issue.

Politico did up a huge article on this particular subject, but it should be noted that while they did so, they used a lot of information that has been discussed lately in the blogosphere.

Both Marcus and Michele Bachmann believe in reparative therapy, though they are trying to distance themselves from that view. Recently, Truth Wins Out went undercover to one of his clinics and documented that they do provide this kind of therapy. Politico quotes one gay rights leader as saying “It’s not just that she doesn’t believe in marriage. She doesn’t believe in gay people existing.”

Richard Socarides, the president of Equality Matters said “I think the husband will be a big problem for her. “Her husband’s writings and comments are going to be scrutinized very carefully. His views are not just anachronistic, they are harmful to children.”

Gay Democratic fundraiser David Mixner said, according to Politico, “The idea of some sort of a therapy to make us straight — it’s bizarre and nuts. For those who are somewhat disenchanted on some issues with Obama, this will enable them to get over whatever reservations they may have.”

Cher blasted Marcus Bachmann recently tweeting “He has a Christian clinic where he de-programs gay Boys &Girls!. I’m going to strangle him with my Boa!”

Hardball with Chris Matthews recently took on Marcus Bachmann in full for trying to claim that his comments in an interview disparaging lesbians and gays were doctored. However, the evidence is that they were not. Here is the clip from Hardball:

For LGBT Republicans, Bachmann is a problem. R. Clarke Cooper of the Log Cabin Republicans has noted a change or a softening of Bachmann’s position on homosexuality. Cooper poitned to a 2006 comment from Bachmann saying “if someone comes in [to his therapy practice] a homosexual and they want to stay homosexual, I don’t have a problem with that.” Of course, given her more recent comments, perhaps he meant to say that she’s been hardening her position. The LCR has reached out to several of the other candidates and have heard back, though.

He appears to have not made any mention of Bachmann’s real fear of lesbians.

Chris Barron of GOProud, the sell out GOP group, is just worried that any attack on Bachmann will get her support. He said “We are certainly concerned about comments Bachmann has made about gay people and we are even more troubled by her support for a federal marriage amendment that would be the largest power grab by the federal government from the states in the history of our country. Given her stated support for ‘limited government’ we wish Congresswoman Bachmann would reconsider supporting such a massive federal power grab.”

This, of course, shows that Barron is as self-delusional as the rest of the guys on that side of this issue. Bachmann is a homophobe to the extreme. There are already rumors circulating that her husband and even she herself may be homosexuals in deep denial and who believe that they are happier hurting and destroying the lives of others.

For Barron, it should be noted that a person who runs screaming from a bathroom because she was asked a question by a lesbian is not someone who is going to ever reconsider her hatred of lesbians and gays.



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